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Xiao Yin

Xiao Yin


  • Male
  • Leo
  • 165
  • 1988-08-04
  • Hebei Chengde
Xiao Yin graduated from the Department of Performing Arts at Beijing Film Academy, a Chinese actress. The secretive TV series “Secret Map” adapted from the film of the same name in 2008 was played in the drama “Yan'an”; in 2011, the TV drama “Red Lady” starring Luodan Wang was played in the drama “Shuang Mei”. In 2013, in the drama “Dog fight stick”, Xiao Yin acted as a dumb woman Na Gege; in March 2014, starring in the TV series “Blooy rebirth”; in 2014, in the drama “Brave heart”, played by Xiao Yin. Blind woman Tsui children. In the same year, he starred in "Soul Ferry." In 2015, he starred in the TV drama "Bao Bao Feng Yun." In “Yangko” directed by Jingyu Guo and Baishanxiang in 2015, Xiao Yin played eight road soldiers nurse Sophie Marceau Na. In the same year, he won the most popular actress award for the 2014 online drama "Bullet Cup" with "Soul Ferry". In 2016, he participated in the TV series "BraveArcher" directed by Jeffrey Chiang and played the "Vietnam Sword" Han Xiaoying. In the same year, he won the 2016 China Television Good Actor Award and the Internet Group Best Actor Award.

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