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Linkeddb included Yu Tong Works 6 ,And 现代都市1 ,抗战1 ,Year 1 ,Spy war 1 ,Urban drama 1 ,Love 1 ,Romance 1 ,Contemporary film 1 。

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Yu Tong Filmography(6)


Do not get lost at first sight (TV)[2017]

Feature: Yang JingYi, a handsome but rich and unscrupulous western restaurant owner, suddenly declared her love after being single for three years. His new girlfriend, Zhang XiaoQiang, actually borrowed money from Yang JingYi for his family affairs and promised to help him to resist his mother. The forced marriage, and signed with him an agreement to pretend love. Yang Yunyi, an aunt and girlfriend who always waits and can not forgive, suddenly returns home to try to restore her feelings of respect and respect. Zhang XiaoQiang Cheng Shan, a once crusading man, was also released from prison leaving Zhang XiaoQiang in a confused position. During the process of getting along with Yang JingYi, he was impressed by Zhang XiaoQiang's innocence and kindness and enthusiasm. Zhang XiaoQiang changed his mind and helped Yang JingYi get out of the shadows after learning about his sad feelings. Pretend Love slowly turned into a true love, the two decided to use sincerity and efforts to resolve all contradictions.

Half a step away (TV)[2017]

Feature: In the spring of 1945, Chang HongMin, a member of Qiongya column in Hainan, Guangdong, received an order from a superior organization, went to Yan'an to attend the Seventh Congress, and reported on the war of resistance in Hainan. Who knows the intelligence leak, Lei ShengZhi Guangdong Lei Junzai spy operations captain killed Guangdong traffickers, but also faked an affair with Chang HongMin. In a critical moment, Chang HongMin escaped unharmed, but Lei ShengZhi was faked northward Yan'an, the implementation of "coconut action." In critical condition, guerrilla leader Song Qing, doctor Su Jing, team member Wang QiongHua, and guard Zhuangzhuang and warrior Ma Xiaobao formed the escort detachment to chase Lei ShengZhi while escorting Chang HongMin to Yan'an. After several contests, the squad finally recovered the letter of introduction, the radio and the code book. Wang QiongHua heroically sacrificed Chang HongMin. And Su Jing inadvertently found hidden in the ranks of female spy Jiang silver lock, Lei ShengZhi ambush to tell the secret, Ma Xiaobao to save Su Jing also died in a heroic death. Chang HongMin realizes that danger is ubiquitous, but spies are still moving and he must be more cautious. Eventually, Chang HongMin led the squad to get rid of Lei ShengZhi and arrived in Yan'an & nbsp ;.

Blood warriors (TV)[2017]

Feature: In the early 1930s, Lunan trouble bandits, young officers Gao LinFeng for revenge, volunteered to Lingyin city bandits. Local garrisons, the Green Gang, the Japanese Heilongjiang stills photo album and banditry, the bandits struggling. Gao Huajun and Shen LanLan, members of the Chinese Communist Party underground, gave him advice and help him to find out the true face of his former sweetheart, An TengJiaDai. Without the wrath of his brother Bai LongFei, he went on to justice and won the award of Shen LanLan Love. To smash the Japanese bacteria T program, and plundering the black gold program in Shandong coal mine, Gao LinFeng die forever. He was inspired by the revolution from Shen LanLan et al., Voluntarily accepted the leadership of the party organization and organized the brave Black Whirlwind unit to fight the enemy passionately. In order to protect the anti-Japanese and national salvation supplies, Gao LinFeng waged death battles against Bai LongFei and the Black Dragon Society, which produced the house tragedies, eventually bringing the enemy to a close. With the shame on the blood, Shen LanLan does his job and ends up with Gao LinFeng. Gao LinFeng headed a black cyclone detachment for the anti-Japanese national salvation battlefield and became a revolutionary warrior & nbsp ;.

Girlfriends marry (TV)[2016]

Feature: Xia Qing and Gao XinYa This is a pair of inseparable good girlfriends, good neighbors. Xia Qing's parents divorced, and soon the summer father married Gao XinYa's mother, the two relations have become tense. Xia Qing and Gao XinYa also changed their rivals from their friends. However, they were actually married to a pair of brothers - Zhong JiaChen and Zhong LiYang. They also became supervisors at work. Since then, the relationship between the two has become more subtle. Due to various reasons, two new couples had to live under the same roof and live under the pressure of her mother-in-law Zhang YingHong. Xia Qing and Gao XinYa solo from planning, to swear away each other, bite the bullet to fight secrets, the rivalry between the two often spread to the bell brothers, the two brothers dilemma. After a long run, the two girls who experienced the ups and downs have their own growth, they slowly realize the strengths and strengths of each other, rely on each other, fight side by side. Eventually, at the critical juncture of the crisis at home, the two joined hands and helped each other out of the storm.

Happiness agreement (TV)[2015]

Feature: Xu Yun, a worker's family background, worked hard ten years after hard-won resistance and after marrying Lin Lang, a three-year-old child, for her family and her children. The boring and tedious marriage life has lost the bond between the couples that link Xu Yun and Lin Lang, and Lin Lang is drawn to another woman. On the evening of the wedding anniversary, Lin Lang filed a divorce with Xu Yun. At this time, the shadow of the disease also hit Xu Yun, Xu Yun stomach attack was diagnosed in the hospital was diagnosed with stomach cancer, marriage and disease double hit Xu Yun collapsing helpless. Xu Xiaoduo, who grew up with her sister, helped Xu Yun establish the courage and confidence to overcome the disease. Xu Yun decided to be hospitalized for her young daughter. She left a letter of affection to her husband Lin Lang. At this moment, Lin Lang realizes that the woman who always loved her has always been there. Lin Lang awakening action to return his wife for many years to pay. Xu Yun saw his sincerity and love in her husband's remorseful reproach, forgave her husband, renewed her desire for life and fulfilled her happy agreement with her husband.

The temptation of lies (TV)[2015]

Feature: The Temptation of Lies tells Meng XiaoWei, Lin Fifei, Ye XinTong, Xuan Lu Lu is a university classmate and good friend. After graduation, they went their separate ways and entered the society to start their new life. Four girls in the bustling city looking for their own position, in the face of the ideal and the reality of the gap they have confused, warmth and misunderstanding have let them retreat disappointed, but they choose to comfort each other, encourage each other and face it. There are joyful successes in the failed pain of life given to four girls. Although each person's life experiences are different, they all walk along the path of pursuing love and career. Through their efforts, they finally have their happiness, and at the same time, they understand the true meaning of life's success through the experience of life.

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