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Johnnie To

Johnnie To

Director, producer, screenwriter

  • Male
  • Taurus
  • 1955-04-22
  • Hong Kong
Johnnie To was born in Hong Kong on April 22, 1955. He is a native of Puning, Guangdong Province. He is a director, producer, and screenwriter. In 1980, he directed the first movie "The Life-takingGolds" and officially began his career as a director. In 1983, he was the executive director of the martial arts drama "BraveArcher." In 1989, he received attention for his literary film AllAboutAh-Long. The comedy film "Trial Officer" directed in 1992 not only became the Hong Kong movie's annual box office champion, but also broke Hong Kong movie's box office record. In 1995 he directed the movie "Lovingyou." In 1996, he joined together with Wai Ka-fai, Yau Nai-hoi and others in the company of Galaxy Imaging. The movie "Gun-Fire" directed in 1999 laid down the style of the Gangster Films. With this movie, he won the 19th Hong Kong Film Awards for Best Director and the 37th Taiwan Film Golden Horse Award for Best Director. In 2000, he joined China Star Group and served as the chief operating officer. In 2003, he won the 23rd Hong Kong Film Awards for Best Director Award with PTU. In 2005, he won the 25th Hong Kong Film Awards for Best Director Award for "The Underworld." In 2008, he was the jury member of the 65th Venice International Film Festival. In 2011, he won the 49th Taiwan Film Golden Horse Award for Best Director with the film Life WithoutPrinciple. The film “DrugWar” directed in 2013 broke the box office record of Mainland China’s alert movies. In 2015, he directed the drama “Office” and the police film “Three Theses”. In 2016, he co-directed with the Wai Ka-fai magical blockbuster "The Heavenly Wizard Catches the Demon". In June 2017, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences formally announced that Johnnie To has become a new member of the 2017 Academy Awards.

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