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Guan XueCeng

Guan XueCeng

Beijing qin book actor

  • Male
  • Leo
  • 1922-08-01
Guan XueCeng (August 1, 1922 - September 27, 2006), male, Manchu, formerly known as Guan Shiqing, took the stage name "Xue Zeng" and was the second generation descendant of the "Single Musical Instrument Drum" and the founder of the Qin Dynasty in Beijing.  Guan XueCeng was a former chairman of Beijing quyi (Chinese folk art forms) association and a director of the Chinese folk art forms association. Guan XueCeng's perennial collaborators improved the singing, slab and performance of "Qin Shu", and absorbed the accent of "Laoting bass drum" and "single-string sub-song" on the singing chamber. From the original three-eye plate, the board developed to Adopting the original "Haiku" from "Haiku" to "Shuangkuo" and "Ohira", etc. The accompaniment uses dulcimer, four beard and erhu to make music more expressive Rich; mostly repertoire to short segments, mostly based on realistic themes. In 1951 and 1952, Guan XueCeng twice participated in the mission of visiting the Chinese delegation to the front line. In September 2006, Guan XueCeng died in Beijing at the age of 84. One month prior to his death, Guan XueCeng was awarded the "Peony Award for Lifetime Achievement Award for the Chinese folk art forms" and the title of "Beijing Double Happiness Demonstration Model" by Beijing.

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