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Linkeddb included Yi Zhong Daughter 2.

Yi Zhong Daughter

Linkeddb included Yi Zhong Daughter 2.

Carmen Yeung Ga-Man, Japan's stage name Carmen Yeung Ga-Man The moon is a Chinese, French, and mixed culture. She has participated in many film performances, and has also teamed up with two Japanese people to make a few album albums in Japan. Carmen Yeung Ga-Man signed a contract with Oriental Charm in 1999. However, due to the constant development, the contract was cancelled in advance, and after the contract was released, the movie was developed as the main force. In 2008, he signed a contract with Asian Television as a TV artist.

Kenny Bee

Actor | Director | Art direction | Original Music

Chung Chun-to (born 23 February 1953), known by his stage name Kenny Bee, is a Hong Kong singer, musician and actor. He is best known as the singer of the group the Wynners, and as a solo artist who has been active in the Hong Kong entertainment industry for nearly three decades.

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