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Linkeddb included Akira Zhao Works 3 ,And 运动励志1 ,校园青春1 ,Urban drama 1 ,Romance 1 ,娱乐圈1 ,Motivational film 1 ,Fantasy 1 ,Adventure 1 。

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Akira Zhao Filmography(3)


Crows (TV)[2018]

Feature: "Blood College" tells the life is valuable, higher handshake price, Goddess's meeting can not wait! Yuan Fei's world center is three things, chasing stars, chasing stars and chasing stars! However, the end of force over, that is, credit is not enough. Yuan Fei had to deceive his friend, Yu Jia, the establishment of Judo Club, so that he fabricated the game to win the great title of world champion, come true. Who knows the unwittingly inserted community, has become a wonderful place for all kinds of places. What is terrible is that all the top-level students who worship only hate ten thousand people even join the judo society even when they say nothing. ! In order to keep concealing Yu Jia, Yuan Fei can only say "Welcome to her god". The face of the mysterious procession of the mall "I love the sunset red", with the city 's most powerful war god Luoshi Lan Xiang body large, Judo Club can only resort to the mysterious school health cleansing, Gu Xia. It is said that the fall of the women's short dormitory, underground fighting ring game, bare hot spring trip to meet, to complete these operations, everyone can become a Chinese gentleman? ! Yuan Fei, Yu Jia, and Yun Qing, all of whom are in charge of the promotion of judo clubs, the sanctions imposed by the school forcibly suspended, the unspeakable past of Gu Xia, the withdrawal of the idol goddess and the removal of the best partners. And will the judo club's friends, toward what kind of future?

Counter-Strike bright way (TV)[2017]

Feature: Su Cheng was dismissed as an artist Fang XiaoXiao by the crew, losing his job as an artist assistant. One side is no longer in arrears of rent, while the one is longing for the showbiz. Su Cheng was deeply influenced by the stage, playing the most is the theater backstage. "Again" is the spirit of craftsmanship she has practiced. After graduating from college, Su Cheng began to run around in the crew, hard-to-find artist assistant work, and another time for acting opportunities, Su Cheng very happy, but was Duan ChengXuan's fooling to dispel. Everything started from scratch. Fortunately, the talent to come to the draft, will not be miserable. However, met again with overbearing president Duan ChengXuan, the coefficient of favorability all the way to a minimum, natural enemies that both are, but also happy. At that time, both of them did not know each other and only felt that each other was abhorrent. From Su Cheng artist assistant start, to participate in the draft and eventually successful debut, into the colorful entertainment, from unknown to newcomers, with its own talent and efforts gradually accumulate popularity, become a rookie pettiskirt. During the process of Su Cheng also encountered many opportunities, whether it is friends Star Entertainment Media CEO Duan ChengXuan, or remembrance of internationally renowned stylist Ye Chen, or the popular superstar idol Yan ChuFei, Su Cheng meets or works with them, or becomes an adversary, or as a friend, she experiencing everything under this spotlight with sparkling entertainment. In the end, Su Cheng took a step-by-step effort to realize the bright road from assistant to best actress.

Balala the fairies:Princess Camellia (Movie)[2015]

Feature: The story takes place in the mysterious magical world called Boboka, Princess Kai MeiLi (Zhao Yue ornaments) has the special ability to communicate with the magic beast, one day, three magical beasts suddenly ran away to find their traces The responsibility fell naturally to the shoulders of Kai MeiLi, so Kai MeiLi came to earth. In the world, Kai MeiLi met Jin Mai Jaho and Daisy Waite, because Kai MeiLi looks like a member of SNH48, an idol group with two fans. Madame and Miyuki Decided to help Kai MeiLi looking for World of Warcraft. With the help of all, Kai MeiLi successfully recovered two of Warcraft, and the remaining one is particularly fierce Warcraft, actually went to SNH48 concert "Havoc in Heaven", and even behind the escape of Warcraft Hidden a well-planned conspiracy.

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