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Linkeddb included Yang Le Son 1.

Yang Le Son

Linkeddb included Yang Le Son 1.

LiXin Yang


Yang Lixin, born in Beijing on August 1, 1957, was admitted to Beijing People's Art Theater in 1975. In 1991, due to the "half-tower" Huyin East corner, formally entered the entertainment circle. In 1999, due to "frown smiley" won the small flower award special performance award. In 2003, the 20th Plum Blossom Prize of the Ministry of Culture. Beijing's first German Arts Shuangxin (artist) title, enjoy the state special allowance. In 2010, participating in "Legend of Chu Liu Xiang" played left light Hou. In 2012, participating in "My Spring, Summer, Winter" as Qin Youtian. In 2013, participating in "Zhengyangmen" played Yang Shuji.

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