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Henry Huo

Henry Huo


  • Male
  • Virgo
  • 180
  • 1990-09-18
  • Shanghai, China

Henry Huo (simplified Chinese: 霍尊; pinyin: Huò Zūn; born 18 September 1990) is a Chinese singer-songwriter and actor. He gained fame by placing in the top three in singing competition Asian Wave 《声动亚洲》 He became popular nationwide by winning the first season of Sing My Song (中国好歌曲 第一季), a competition for songwriters to sing their own compositions. His original 'Rolled-up Pearl Curtain' (Juán Zhū Lián) drew praise from both judges and audience alike. The song was awarded Song of the Year. 13 days after his win, Henry was asked to perform in the CCTV Chinese New Year Eve Gala, which was broadcast worldwide, thus cementing his position as China's newest composing prodigy. Meanwhile, Henry claimed the main prize in the Tianjin Satellite Channel Drama Contest Season 1 (《国色天香》第一季) by playing a dan (男旦) in the Peking Opera. He was awarded the title '2014 Drama King' .

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