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Yangshik Tso


  • Famale
  • Virgo
  • 165
  • 1991-09-06
  • China Qinghai Tongde
Yang Xiu Cuo, born September 6, 1991 in Tongde, Qinghai, China Tibetan singer and actress. 2016 Best Mandarin Chinese actress. In 2005, 14-year-old Yang Xiu Cuo was chosen by Tibetan director Wan Ma Tseng to take a film called "Quiet Rock," as a sister. 2010 entries Qinghai Satellite TV "blossoming flowers", qualify for the semi-finals. EP 2011 release "bloom", and in the TV series "where the hero asked" actress Ho Suk-jean. In 2012 in the "Zhuoni Tissue" decorated actress Central gold. In 2013 starred in the movie "De Ji's lawsuit" in the actress Deji Meadowau. In 2015, she was actress Yang Cuo in "Tarot" and won the 2016 Best Actress Award in Chinese Language with "Tarot".

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