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Beier Bao Husband

Linkeddb included Beier Bao Husband 1.

Wenjing Bao, born in Liaoning Province on July 10, 1987, is a female television host and actor in Mainland China and graduated from Beijing Film Academy. In 2008, Wenjing Bao starred in the love comedy "Woman is not bad," which officially entered the showbiz. August 2010, Wenjing Bao joined Beijing Television variety show "best site", as the host. September 2011, in the costume fantasy movie "painting wall" play Lily. In 2013, he played the instrument jade in the costume martial arts drama Swordsman. In 2014 September, starred in the Republic of China legendary city hunter. April 2015, appeared in the youth school movie "left ear." In 2016 October, in the costume comedy "happy spies" as Shen Ling children.

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