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Zhao Liying Wife

Linkeddb included Zhao Liying Wife 1.

Feng Shaofeng, born in Shanghai on October 7, 1978, is an actor in mainland China and graduated from Shanghai Theater Academy. In 1998 appeared in the personal first movie "Star string", which entered the showbiz. In 2003, he starred in the fashion show "Talented Women". In 2007 participating actor war "years situation". In January 2011 due to clear-cut installation drama "palace lock heart jade" in the role of Ba Age as the attention. In 2012 with the costume action film "Banquet Banquet" won the 24th Harbin ice and snow film Festival 2011 Chinese film industry's most valuable male award new business. In 2013 starring costume drama "Lan Ling Wang." In May 2014, he won the most popular actor award at the 21st Beijing University Film Festival with the action movie Di Ren Jie Du Long Wang. In August he starred in a romance film "After the Will Period." In October he starred in the "Golden Age." In 2015 February starring drama "Wolf Totem"; April starred in science fiction "three body." 2016 starring costume fantasy drama "Magic City." In the same year by virtue of the movie "Wolf Totem" won the 33rd mass film award for best actor, and starring in the fantasy comedy movie "the second generation of the fairy's fortunate this life." 2017 starring drama "That piece of the sky that piece of the sea." In the same year starred in the TV series "whether or not to know whether green fat red thin" actor Gu Ting Ye.

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