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Linkeddb included Angelababy Partner 5.

Deng Chao


Deng Chao was born in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province in 1979. He is an actor, film director, and investor in mainland China. In 1995, he was admitted to the drama class of Jiangxi Vocational College of Arts. In 1998, he was admitted to the Performance Department of the Central Academy of Drama. After graduation, he was incorporated into the National Theatre of China. From 2001 to 2002, he starred in the sitcom "Kuailoqingchun" and the romantic comedy "When Love Lost His Memory" and later in the "Juvenile emperor" played the emperor Shunzhi, and then embarked on a comedy path that was very different from the comedy, followed by Juvenile Kang Xi. The plays such as "End of Ming FY" and "Best in the World" are called "The Emperor's Professional Household". In 2005, he starred in "Happiness is like a flower" and "Comrades: Almosta LoveStory" and successfully played "the children of the high school." By the 12th year, he starred in "Youth mystery", "Youth my brother" and "Ten years of love". In 2006, the main film "Assembly" won the Best Supporting Actor Award and nominated Golden Rooster Award. In 2007, the starring movie "TheEquationofLove & Death" won the Golden Phoenix Award. In 2009, he starred in the martial arts film DetectiveDeeandtheMysteryofthePhantomFlame, and was nominated for the Hong Kong Film Awards Best Supporting Actor. In 10-13 years, he starred in the trilogy of box-office films “Painted Wall” and “Four Famous Catch”. For 12 years, he starred in the "China Partners" box office at 530 million yuan. Founded in 13 years, Deng Chao studio set up company. In 2014, he directed the comedy drama “Master of Breakups” at the box office of 660 million, and was the captain of the program “Chinese Running Man” during the same period, among which the ratings exceeded 5%. In 15 years, he won the 18th Shanghai International Film Festival Best Actor Award and the Golden Horse Award for Best Actor Award for the crime film TheDeadEnd. 16 years starring comedy "Aquamarine" at the box office 3.39 billion, starring in the same year starring love drama "I Belonged to You" at the box office 813 million. In 17 years, he starred in the art film "Wind and Waves" with over one billion at the box office. In the same year, he won the 31st China Golden Rooster Award for Best Actor in the same year with TheDeadEnd.

Stephen Fung

Director | Actor | Writer | Producer | Deputy director | Assistant director

Fung Tak-lun born 9 August 1974, known professionally as Stephen Fung (Chinese: 馮德倫), is a Hong Kong actor, singer, writer, and film director.

Li Chen (actor)


Li Chen (Chinese: 李晨, born 24 November 1978), also known as Jerry Li, is a Chinese actor. He is best known for being a cast member in the variety show Keep Running. Li is also known for his roles in television series Beijing Love Story (2012), Beijing Youth (2012) and The Good Fellas (2016); as well as films Ultimate Rescue (2008), which won him the China Movie Channel Media Awards and Aftershock (2010). Li made his directorial debut in 2017 with Sky Hunter.

Mark Chao


Mark Chao (Mark Chao), born September 25, 1984 in Taipei, Taiwan, is a Mandarin film actor and a graduate of the University of Victoria in Canada. In 2009, starred in the personal first TV series "riffraff hero", and with the play won the 44th Taiwan TV Golden Bell Award for best actor. In 2010, she starred in the solo debut screenwriter "艋 舺", with the film won the 5th Asian Film Awards Best New Actor Award. In 2012, Mark Chao's romance "LOVE" starred in box office at 125 million yuan. In the same year, he won the Outstanding Overseas Chinese Actor Award at the 15th China Film Awards by virtue of starring Yang Shoucheng in the drama "Search". In 2013, Chen Hsiao-cheng was shown his attention for his role in the youth love affair "Toward the End of Our Youth." In the same year, starring in the suspense action film "The God of Di Renjie" was Di Renjie. In 2014, Mark Chao won the Best Actor for the 16th Huading Award based on the action movie "Ruffian Hero: Rise of Dawn". In 2015, starred in 3D adventure film "nine demon tower." In 2017, due to starred in the fantasy drama "Sansei Shihuli Peach Blossom" corner of the night to get more attention.

Kai Zheng


Ryan(Ryan), born in Shanghai on April 17, 1986, is a Mandarin actress and graduated from Shanghai Theater Academy. In 2007, starred in the first movie "Run it a lover", which officially entered the showbiz. In 2008, starred in the first personal TV series "urban six people." In 2009, starred in family science fiction comedy "home have aliens." 2010, in the city inspirational emotional drama "Du Lala promotion" in the play week. In 2011, he was awarded the "Fashion Award of the 6th Fashion China Film and Television Awards"; in the same year, he starred in the urban love inspirational film "Struggle". In 2012, starring urban emotional drama "pre-divorce rules." In 2013, Xu Kaiyang was played in the youth love movie "Toward the End of Our Youth." In 2014, he participated in Zhejiang TV outdoor competitive reality show "Run It Brothers." In the same year, with the movie "Former Raiders," he won the "Best Supporting Actor Award for the 2nd London International Chinese Film Festival." In 2015, he won the most watched actor award in the 15th Chinese Film and Television Press Awards. In 2016, Huang Feihong was played in the costume martial arts drama "Guofu Huang Feihong". In 2017, he won the annual fashion idol annual strength idol award; the same year, participated in Zhejiang Satellite TV outdoor competitive reality show "running"; on October 9, starring of its urban emotional drama "National Lives" premiere; December On the 8th, won the "Attraction Star of the Year" at the annual "Commercial Star Power Summit".

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