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Shaohua Yang

Shaohua Yang


  • Male
  • 163
  • 1932
  • Beijing China
Yang Shaohua was born in Beijing in 1932. In 1944, he entered Beijing Qiming Tea Company to learn comic dialogue. In the early 1970s, Yang Shaohua began working with Zhiming Ma to perform programs such as Quitting Smoking and Geographical Maps in the second session of the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts. In the early 1990s, he partnered with Prof. Wei Zhao [5]. In 2003, he and his son Yang Yi collaborated in talking to each other, "The meat rotted in the pot," and won the first prize in the second CCTV crosstalk competition. In 2004, he played Yang Fengnian in the urban life comedy "Happylife of YangGuang" and shot nine TV series. In 2013 he starred in the movie Happylife of YangGuang.

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