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InspectorAndPrince (Movie)[2009]

Feature: During the reign of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty, Yu ChengLong, the newly appointed police inspector in Taiwan, discovered that his predecessors had taken the sloppy life and caused unjustly false and false cases involving the so-called "bandit gang". As a result, tens of thousands of civilians were jailed, and even the fields were deserted and the community complained turbulent. To change the status quo, we must reconsider the old case, release innocent people, and at the same time, lighten the heavy burden on people's army and labor corps and promote the development of production. Regardless of their own safety, Yu ChengLong used all his tactics to speak candidly to Kang QinWang, a resident of Fujian Province, who was empowered and ruthless in power. He and the bureaucrats such as arrogant and arrogant, Lei Chun and Ka Lin, Being innocent of grudges, finally inspired Kang Qin Wang and his colleagues to overcome hardships and make one of the ordinary people live and work in peace by virtue of his charismatic and honest integrity. Once again, Yu ChengLong was promoted to governor of Zhili due to his outstanding political achievement. He was quietly embarking on a new journey with reluctance and solicitude.

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