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Kui Qi

Kui Qi


  • Male
  • Leo
  • 1981-08-07
  • Jiamusi, Heilongjiang, China
Kui Qi was born on August 7, 1981. Mainland China actor, graduated from Beijing Film Academy. In 2004, he starred in "The Sky Stars" as "Chen Qiang Xiao." In the "Luliang Heroes Biography" performed in 2005, he played "Liu Shi". In 2006, he participated in "Zhu Chuanjie" as "Break through the gateway". In 2008, he participated in the performance of "The Great Northern Wilderness" as "Xi Xiwang." In 2009, he participated in "My Child My Home" as "Lin Fan." In 2010, he appeared in the war drama "Scure of Saving Female Soldier" as "Ding Lifeng." In 2011, he participated in the movie "The Revolution of 1911" as a pseudo crown prince "Yuan Keding." In 2012, he participated in the movie spy drama "The Red Treasure" as General Zhi Yong, "Qin Gen Chang." In 2013, he participated in the epic anti-Japanese drama “Great Wall Red” directed by Qi Feng and starred by Siyan Liu and Chin-sung Wang. In 2014, he participated in the first rural sports comedy "The Peasant Basketball Team" directed by director Zhao Lei, Wu Gang and Lü Zhong. In 2015, Pan Jingcheng directed the contemporary spy drama “Guardian-Living Surface” starring Dong Jin, Yugin Han, and Kaavie Wong.

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