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Allen Lin


  • Male
  • Aries
  • 183
  • 1970-04-04
  • Shijiazhuang, China
Allen Lin was born on April 4, 1970 in Beijing, a mainland Chinese male singer, actor, and host. In 1993, he signed the Guangzhou New Era Video and Sound Company and released his first solo album “The Lovebirds” in the same year. In January 1994, "The Lovebirds" won the Top Ten Original Golden Songs, Best Composition Award, Best Arrangement Award and the Guangzhou Radio Top 10 Golden Melody Award of Guangzhou New Music. In January 1995, he participated in the Spring Festival Gala of CCTV and sang “The Song of Fire and Fire”; he held a national tour concert in September. In 1997, he hosted the large-scale game program "City Between Cities" of the CCTV Sports Channel. In March 2002, "Being Happy" was awarded the Top 10 Music Awards for the second edition of the Music Billboard. Allen Lin himself won the annual Leap Male Singer Award. In July 2003, he participated in the shooting of the CCTV movie "DuShiMeiYouDiPingXian" and played a leading role in the drama. In February 2004, he presided over the CCTV variety show "Variety of Variety Arts." In 2008, the Beijing Olympics song "Beijing Welcomes You" was recorded. In 2010, the guest emotional movie "Droneless". On April 8, 2011, the romantic movie "Mr. & Mrs.Single" was performed by its guest performers. In 2012, he served as a tutor for Liaoning Satellite TV's "Enthusiasm". In 2013, the theme song “Beijing Tonglu” was also recorded. In 2014, he served as a tutor for Yunnan TV's reality show "Steps". 2015 Hosted a food program “Creating a Food Planner” as the host of pptv “One Singer”

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