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Linkeddb included Hong Yuan Friends 3.

Hong Yuan Friends

Linkeddb included Hong Yuan Friends 3.

Zuxin Ye


Zuxin Ye, born in Quzhou, Zhejiang Province on July 8, 1984, is an actor in mainland China. She studied at the Dance Academy of Hangzhou Academy of Performing Arts and the North England Performing Arts College. In 2003, participated in the youth love drama "Romance on the beach" played the official debut of Sun Wei. In 2005, the costume drama "Li Xiaohuan and Miao Cuihua" plays Fang Shiyu. In 2011, participating in the show through the TV drama "step by step startling" played ten god emerge; participating costumes mythology TV drama "Living Buddha Ji Gong 2" one person will be decorated with clear, fairy child corner. In 2012, starring in the costume martial arts drama "The New White Hair Witch Biography" played by the audience favorite. In 2013, he participated in costume historical legend TV series "Heroes of the Sui and Tang Dynasties 3" and "Heroes of the Sui and Tang Dynasties 4", playing the role of Xue Dingshan. In November, he won the Leap of the Year Awards at the 2013 Power Power Awards Ceremony. In 2014, he participated in Fan Datong, a costume comedy drama "Sharp Ren Ren". In 2015, he starred in the costume drama "Shushan Warrior Legend", playing the extraordinary medical pie; participated in the anti-Japanese drama "Iron in the burning" plays a go-go Dudou Wa; the same year starring in the romantic comedy movie " Release. In 2016 he participated in the urban industry drama "A Red," playing Min Long. In March 2017, the film "Suspect X Dedicated" was released and was played by police officer Luo Miao.

Yu Wang


Yu Wang, born July 2, 1983, graduated from the performance studio 02 of the Central Academy of Drama and the actor in Mainland China. In 2005, Yu Wang first appeared in the TV drama "Legend of the Sea", and later starred in the drama "Life", adapted from Lu Yao's novel of the same name, fashion love drama "If I am real," the costume palace fighting drama " Princess ", costume fantasy love drama" Painted skin love no regrets ", the historical legend drama" Orphan "and other TV series. In 2014, with Lin Hsinju starring in the ancient love drama "beautiful country long song", the same year appeared in the city emotional inspirational drama "full of snow flowers," costumes exploration drama "Tong Di Di Ren Jie" emotional drama "sister is romantic sex" . In 2015, he participated in the war business of the Yangtze River in the Republic of China. In 2016, he starred in the drama "Wonderful Time Journey" and the super-network drama "Beauty is the stuffing."

Kenny Lin


Kenny Lin(Kenny Lin), born February 13, 1988 in Tiexi District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, China, is an actor and graduated from Shanghai Theater Academy majoring in drama and television programs. In 2011, starred in the drama "step by step shocking" in the 14 princes Yin Yao. In July 2012, starring in the fantasy Xian Xia drama "Xuanyuanjian of the day marks" broadcast, in November 3rd the same year appeared in the youth comedy "Sister is moving forward" broadcast. In 2013, he starred in the action movie Di Ren Jie Du Long Wang, and won the 33rd Hong Kong Film Awards Best Newcomer Award nomination. April 2014 starring youth film "at the same table you"; in October the same year starring action movie "riffraff hero dawn rise"; December sparring action movie "Chi Weihuguang" release. December 2016 starring martial arts film "Three Young Master's Sword" release. January 28, 2017, starring in the magical comedy "Wuxing articles" release; June 5, starring costume drama "Chu Qiao Biography" broadcast.

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