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Bichang Zhou Filmography(3)


NoZuoNoDie (Movie)[2014]

Feature: In 2005, "Super Girl" popular in China, it is a crazy era of all people. That year, we remembered Li YuChun, Zhou BiChang and Jane Zhang. That year, we witnessed the youngest and most unbridled time when we had quietly passed the decade. In 2013, 12 young people embarked on this stage with their dreams. They had experienced the same ten years as us and now they are the protagonists of this stage. The film tells the story of the most real story behind the stage of the draft. They are no longer packaged "idols." They face negative reactions from the adult world, get angry, rebellious, play crazy, play Trouble, you want to get recognized by others, they are just a group of ordinary and real young people. If you are young, it is a mirror that allows you to see yourself. If you're young, it's a time machine that will get you back to that presumptuous "ZUO," wantonly crying, lashed out of your arms, wantonly making mistakes, and wantonly boiling.

V love (TV)[2014]

Feature: Micro-era love starring Dingzhuang micro-era posters gathered at the University of Bonn campus such a good friend, they are Hua YouXi (Zhang Yunlong ornaments), Wu AnPo (Dilraba Dilmurat ornaments), Kang WeiWei (Sierra Lee ornaments) Ying Dong (Vengo Gao), Wan Jia (Yu Yu Xiao), Mei Bao (Chengcheng Yang), Han DingYi (Vin Zhang). In just a few months after graduating from college, they enjoyed the final campus time together, also encountered and witnessed a series of love story ... ... Teppanyaki chef Hua SanMao (Shawn Yue ornaments) in search of Disappearing of the first love girlfriend came to their side, with perseverance and infatuation touched everyone; idol singer Ai Di (Sitar Tan) with years of knot for the first love of a dream, to revisit the simple and beautiful campus love; wily fraud Gao Qi (Monica Chan), who used to love for profit but lost his affection; entertainment reporter Ye FeiFei (Bibi Zhou) wanted to expose himself to the dilemma of exposing the shameful gossip; Ou Hui (Kim Bum) A moment of unforgettable love; film and television star Luo Yi (Mini Yang ornaments) and old love reunion but failed to love in the end.

MissionIncredible: AdventuresOnTheDragonsTrail (Movie)[2012]

Feature: Rumors, the faint valley, possession of the Millennium masterpiece - "dragon flute." Only the true dragon's descendants can open the door of the chamber of secrets, the clouds fall to the ground, the hurricane plunges and plunges into chaos. All this is closely linked with the drowsy disaster the Dragon World is experiencing, and the only way to end the disaster is to sonic the legendary "Long Flute". So, "sheep Corps" once again assembled, decided to visit this mysterious and unknown to find out. On the other side, Hui TaiLang, who learned of the disaster and dropped his family, was caught up in the Dragon World by a sudden strange wave and had to fight shoulder to shoulder with the sheep again. "Ding Ding", "pound", "clang", the valley came bursts of raspberry sound, look carefully, actually with them in apprenticeship "art". To become a successor of a dragon, you must pass the exam of September 9, that is, you have the music, the effort, and the knowledge. Dragon Fort, the final battle imminent. The power of a mechanical dragon far exceeds the imagination of everyone, the original sharp weapon has become vulnerable. When Fei YangYang hangs a thread of life, a melodious whistle rang out into the sky, a small figure coming slowly from the "Mechano Dragons."

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