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Sihuai Wang

Sihuai Wang


  • Male
  • Sagittarius
  • 1957-11-27
  • Hefei, Anhui Province, China
Sihuai Wang, born on November 27, 1957 in Hefei, Anhui Province. In 1981 graduated from Shanghai Theater Academy Performance Department, Mainland actor, Ren Anhui Province drama troupe. In 1984, Ren Shanghai Film Studio actor. In 1983, starred in the drama "Hua Luogeng." In 1985, starred in the famous movie "sunrise" based on the famous drama of Cao Yu. In 1987, starring in the movie "two o'clock midnight." In 1993, in the film "fraudsters" in the money root hair. In 2002, starred in the 16th annual gift "no winter island." In 2004, starred in according to the novel of the same name adapted national works "Tea Horse Road". In 2006, the "Chinese Family 421" was shot in China, the first one to face the one-child problem. In 2008, participated in Zheng Fangnan directed military theme "battlefield romance." . In 2010, starred in a real story adaptation of the movie "love ladder." In 2012, starred in the Republic of China emotional drama "thousands of thousands of Thunder and Rain". In 2013, she participated in the fashion age suspense emotional drama "Lady's House".

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