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Lan Yu Filmography(5)


一切如你 (Movie)[2019]




No.9SangyuStreet (Movie)[2015]

Feature: Li Yi is a top medical student who has been admitted to Caring for a doctor since graduation. Li Yi can not stand her dreams and can not accept his ambition in a hospital like a nursing home and can not agree with Yuan Zhang, the only doctor in the hospital, and everything in this hospital. However, Li Yi gradually put aside his prejudice against the elderly in the hospital. He helped fulfill the wish of the deceased old man, gained the trust of the elderly who have been closed for years and helped these lonely and lovely elderly people to make Li Yi's The heart has been enriched and touched.

PromisingBiossom (Movie)[2009]

Feature: Director: Ding Yinan Screenwriter: Qi Xin To star. Yang Liwei, Zhai Zhigang, Lou Yun, Qian Hong Yu Lan, Ge Yang, Ge Cun Zhuang, Xie Fang, Fang Zige, Mo Huilan, Ju Ping, Dong Hao, Xu Chunni, Wang Liping Variety: Plot, Motivational, Children Produced by: China Cares Next Generation Working Committee Education and Development Center, Length: 92 Year: 2009 Synopsis The celebration of the 60th anniversary of the founding of People's Republic of China is a festival for all the children of the grandson. It is also a holiday for every child. But on this day of celebration, the third-grade pupil snow cried because she lost a "magical" badge, and she could no longer participate in the big show of the national children's program ... Originally, in order to encourage her students腆 of the snow to become the choir of the Children's Palace choir, Miao Miao put a badge left by the 10th anniversary of the National Day gave her, and told the snow that there is a "magical" power badge, as long as it can put on singing In the end that "magical" badge was left in where? How to recover the snow

Scout (Movie)[1974]

Feature: During the War of Liberation, our army's reconnaissance staff, Guo Rui (Wang Xin Gang), was ordered to lead a detachment into Fengcheng to conduct reconnaissance. The head of the returning homecoming party (Yu Shaokang) led the group to escort the women's director (Yang Yaqin) and Village cadres (Zhou Guan-sen ornaments), detachment will rescue them. After that, they came down in the village Anza, divided into several road disguise into the city reconnaissance. At the same time, the enemy has known me that the scout has entered the city and sent search captain Wang Debiao (An Zhenjiang ornaments) to the city for distribution. Guo Rui learned that Wang's brother-in-law, who is head of the enemy artillery regiment, Huang Yuxuan (Shao ChongFei) Director, and Huang Lao students to their home identity, intelligence to take the enemy equipped with maps, the first time reported to the command. When the enemy found fooled, launched the city raid, helpless it was too late, I scout dressed up as a law enforcement team early, driving seized Jeep, go away ..., 1948, I People's Liberation Army Staff Ministry Guo Rui was ordered to lead a reconnaissance team in-line enemy occupied area Fengcheng area. In order to understand the hostile situation Guo Rui disguised as the newly transferred chief of enemy operations and cheating the trust of the enemy artillery regiment to obtain the firepower map of the enemy artillery regiment, they learned about their emergency defense conference from the enemy's mouth. Followed by the tiger's mouth to seize the enemy search chieftain and enemy operations chief, obtain accurate information, with the large force to wipe out Fengcheng enemy.

Long whisper (Movie)[1952]

Feature: Before the liberation of the old Beijing City, flyover east of a stinky ditch - Long whisper. The poor working people who live at the bottom settle down along both sides of the stinking gully, and these groups of people who have been deprived of their dignity have struggled to survive the persecution, humiliation, disease and death. People can not drink tap water, can only drink bitter water, the trip to the toilet had to run half a mile. Whenever the rainy season arrives, the stinking ditch's water floods into the home of the poor, smelly and unbearable. Cheng BaoQing (Shizhi Yu), an old singer who was called a "crazy man", was resentful. He relied on his wife Cheng NiangZi (Yu Lan) to sell cigarettes and loved Xiao NiuZi, Ding's dexterous girl. Non-human old society, people can not see the hope of the future. Ushered in an instant emancipation, Longsugou people finally usher in the masters of the new world stand up ... ... The film is based on the creation of the same name drama adapted from Lao She.

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