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Fiona Leung

Fiona Leung


  • Famale
  • Libras
  • 160cm
  • 1965-09-28
  • China Hong Kong
Fiona Leung, formerly known as Tony Leung, was discovered by scout in the early years, had shot ads, and then to the 1987 Super Star Contest to win the championship and become a wireless television artistes, the first drama became Jin Yong's famous "sword and hatred" actress Xiang Xiang Princess , Elegant and refined appearance acclaimed since then was TVB re-use, since the nineties began to become a star, has starred in "Angry Goose", "Heaven and Earth", "Equestrian Tycoon", "Swordsman", " Classic "and" Da Ma Dan ". Since its debut in 1998, the performing arts business has reached a low ebb and she has decided to leave TVB and become a salesman of health products. In early 2002, Fiona Leung became a Christian, baptized in December and later studied theology at Hong Kong Theological Seminary. As a Christian, she focuses on the church's work and is in charge of theology, intermittently filming gospel films, filming gospel films, To accept some gospel media visits, life is full and happy.

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