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WongKaYan (Movie)[2015]

Feature: In the late 1990s, when a phone and a computer were completely out of reach, a boy (Wong You-nam) found Wang JiaXin, his love at first sight, by radio. The name Wang JiaXin is very common, he found one of the "Wang JiaXin" (Karena Ng ornaments), but it is not his real life girl. "Wang JiaXin" felt that finding a needle in a haystack was a silly and naive thing for a boy, but was gradually moved by his sincerity and further developed his feelings. The film comes from the original story of director Liu Wei-heng and tells the story of a man who was in Hong Kong in the 1990s looking for a girl named Wang JiaXin. In 2015, Wong You-nam and Karena Ng won the Best Actor and Actress Award for the California Independent Film Festival in the United States.

Lukjongsi (Movie)[2004]

Feature: Frustrated hairdresser Hacken Lee and three friends: Ekin Cheng, Chapman To, and Michael Hui make a jump, but when the police surround them The young YOSOSHAMA Yoshino, who fell in disguise in the same building, disrupted their plans. The four people who live continue to have to face their own troubles: Rusty brawny girlfriend (Candy Lo ornaments) consider the break up but can not let the latter's thoughtfulness and help, a wolf squeezed by the boss (George Lam) but Can not find the opportunity to attack, Ah Chai is dissatisfied with the long absence of workaholic girlfriend (Huang Yi (actress) ornaments) trying to reconcile with ex-girlfriend Ding Ding (Karena Lam ornaments) old, and Micron received their own children's phone After losing the ability to ditch women. Four big men how to solve their own problems?

Legal Entanglement (TV)[2002]

Feature: Shen Xueyi originally grew up in a happy family. Shen Qiao, his father, retired from Fa Guan. Because his brother died in drunken driving, Joe often urged people to go wrong. In particular, he hoped the instrument would have a high expectation. Great pressure, after reading the law in the second year of university law department met the rich family essay, instrument from the first time with the liberal arts in the freedom of the happy, two fall in love, the instrument does not have ambition, just want to leave some of Joe Free life, then regardless of his father opposed. Suspension of marriage and the text, so that Joe's instrument on the expectations bubble, father and daughter therefore turn their heads. Quarantine father and daughter relationship, Joe angrily to foreign life. After marriage, she lived a happy life. However, during her pregnancy, she found that she had a relationship with her own friend. Great instrument hit, angrily action child, and suffering from postpartum depression. Instrument to apply for divorce, the text for the sake of sharing their father's family and strive to sub-custody. Gao ZhiLang, as the representative lawyer of the paper, used the report of the psychiatrist as a reason to prove that the spirit of the instrument was problematic and was overbearing in the court. His speech was sharp and his instrument was out of control at the moment. And after the band immigrants, the instrument can not stop, and sometimes emotional excitement, was saved by Ye XiangHui. The instrument was fai encouraged, decided to cheer up re-independent life, and in the evening half-time study law. With one heart, after a lawsuit to regain sub-custody. Five years later, Yang Mingzhi's law firm became a teacher and only a poor pass can become an intern lawyer. At this time due to one of the partners immigration law firm, Ming invited the old classmates joined, instrument first encounter, like an enemy, but after many years, the instrument has no impression. Long is a very victorious person, a lawsuit to recognize money does not recognize people, likes to challenge the difficulty. Instrument does not agree with Long's approach, but slowly admire Long's professional skills. Long is that although the instrument a little straight, will not turn, but willing to work hard. Although both Raymond and Ron are enemies, they also have their own place for mutual appreciation. On the other hand, there is a lack of confidence in feelings due to innate regret and inferiority among the bright faces. In fact, he is a wise type of person, usually sit on the sidelines, extensive knowledge, play hard to fight a lawsuit, especially good discrimination case. However, due to the behavior of "round", deified by God, it is often criticized by partner lawyer Chen XiaoLing. Ling is a very high profile person, a man of bitterness, around the male partner only the pursuit of appearance match, lack of spiritual exchange, and finally cheated by her boyfriend, fortunately Ming reminded. Ling began to appreciate the wisdom of the Ming League, goodwill, all sorts of hints, so that flattered, can not believe, and finally was Ling's true impressed. One day, in the private detective agency of Fai, Raikkonen meets with Ron Long and tries to find Qu YongZhi, a past fiancee, who wants to know his son's whereabouts. Instrument to know this side of the past. The original Long career start, want to marry first love Valentine Zhi, but on the eve of marriage, suddenly divorced her parents, because actually Long mother Lin Lifang actually internship with his master Guan ZhenTing stained. In the eyes of Lang, parents have always been model husband and wife, Lang is most want to find the emotional relationship, and Ting in his heart is the most respected Master. The incident caused a great impact on Lang, Lang Ting recognized Ting is a hypocrite, and suspicion of marriage. Long on the registration date, even the default, fiancee Chi gas to leave Hong Kong, from no avail.After knowing the past, I learned that Long was a man of love and righteousness. I was always mistakenly looking at Long. Long was the ideal man in her heart. However, at the same time, the law office flower Fang Jiehua secret Lang. Huawei generous, but also no shelves, it is a breeze, so a large number of skirts under the minister, but she found the force intentionally, then be avoided, do not accept anyone, until the encounter Long. Although Huawei prosecutor, Long as defense lawyers, the two families are often controversial. However, privately speaking, there are two people who have doubts that the two have ambiguous relations. When her quality was young, she had to take care of the sick mother and several younger siblings. When her family did not have enough money, she was willing to be wrapped up by a wealthy businessman for two years and signed a contract with Lang Law Office. After Hua became a lawyer, he had been with Ting and later moved to the legal department as a prosecutor. At first thought that Long will have a discriminatory vision or even spread the scandal, but from beginning to end, Long only to be friends and partners, there is no indifference, really like China, its trade is Hui. Hui Ben is a capable sand show, due to refuse to embezzle his colleagues and resign, turned to private detective; Hui Juehua is a lawyer, his own career without success, that China based on the concept of class and not accept themselves. Instrument and Long's feelings to be developed, but this time Lang's fiancée Chi with instrument five-year-old son back to Hong Kong vacation, the instrument did not know Chi's sister is the text of his fiancee "French Open" stills, after the Chi house only Knowing children is their own son, but the child has not recognized the instrument. Later, the instrument more impulsive escapes escaped, Fortunately, in time to persuade, such as escape, the instrument will never be able to formally get the child. Instrument to be inspired, work hard to obtain the qualification of trainee lawyer, to regain the right of custody. However, if the lawsuit won, the instrument may lose the qualification of a lawyer, accept the lawyer's hearing and defend him. His defense Words like a declaration of love, what exactly Lang and how to choose between Chi, whether the instrument for their own feelings to fight for the two have to face a choice.

MasterOfMartialArts (Movie)[1994]

Feature: At the end of the Manchu period, the state was weakened, not only being bullied by a strong enemy but also abused by strong bullying in this country. In this environment, Liang Kwu, an illegitimate parent, , And since Xu to hoe strong and weak as their responsibility. Then wide end because of injustice, fear of deja vu delay family decided to go to Guangzhou to relatives brother Liang Zheng, and looking for the finger pulp marriage wife Ye BaoEr. After he went to Guangzhou and found that he was not as rich as the one described in the letter and was often bullied by bullies, he decided to use force against the power and eventually eradicate the bullies. As a result, he was furious and threatened with a wide range of threats. Worship Huang FeiHong as a teacher. Wide character impulsivity, self-reliance on intelligence, steady and restrained attitude toward Hong's attitude do not mind, Hong wide to martial arts talent, repeated blundering advice can inspire wide. At this point the surface of the business ascended the illusion, but it is secretly assigned Ling YunKai aides, plundering the forces of all Lu ZhiGang, as hung in the thorn, and lost in a lion hegemony in the Liberal, so just more scruple hung, And repeatedly framed, hung to avoid multiple things, the section are forbearance, the move to make wide very dissatisfied, for this reason incompatible with the hung, and blame Hong do not teach its superior skill, angrily leave Po Chi Lin. On the other hand, Kwan Wah was reluctant to meet again after a long period of hardship. However, she was influenced by new ideas and resisted blind mute only as a friend and wanted to make Kwan and her close friend Lin XiuJing, However, many children repeatedly refused and Jing wide love, always take care of the two lifelong love Miao. Is infatuated with Liu Yan strokes killing evil, leniency revenge, but skill is not a case of defeat, so re-vote hung the door, request hung granted a trickery to avenge the grudge, hung fear of wide devotion do not want to, but wide Revenge eager, premeditated Wu Xiusheng devoted themselves to health, Hong finally be moved by the wide, resolutely shadowless. Urgently seeking, and failed to play a shadowless to the most powerful, was defeated wide fighting spirit to lose; just false heart false sense of opportunity to support the use of wide framed Hong, just the rape will succeed? Hung, wide two master mentality and what kind of conflict and test it? Will a renewed confidence regain? How can he and her benevolent and resentful? However, on the occasion of the gradual stabilization of K'uan and Sentimental feelings, the children who are chasing after being removed from love suddenly find out that the ones they love are originally those who are broad and frank and have wide confession of their feelings and feelings. .

AngelsCall (TV)[1992]

Feature: Will it feel surprised, happy, or annoyed when meeting a Tian Shi drop from the sky? Wu FuJi ﹝ Hacken Lee ﹞ in the twentieth series "He is from Heaven" is facing this contradiction. Clever clever, often dreams can once developed, they can emigrate. One day, while encountering Tian Shi (Michael Chow), who was knocked down by a man-made satellite, he was very happy that he was a god of mercy. However, Tian Shi later discovered nothing and often brought nothing but amazing memories Less troublesome, make the base headache very much. Genes are often involved in church activities and planted Amy Miao with Ling ShanShan (Anita Yuen), who works in a residential care home. One of the hospital friends, Li QiTai ﹝ Bowie Wu ﹞ because of the pool in the Tian Shi have been swimming, the result of youthful rejuvenation make all eyes-open. In the meantime, real estate agent Yu CiGuang (Gabriel Wong) tried his best to buy a home for the elderly by using despicable means. His sister Yu CiEn ﹝ Yik-Man Fan ﹞ not worth the candle, joined forces with the elderly to intervene. And Shan's feelings, the formation of a complex triangular relationship. Tian Shi and CID Su Cui, a hot-tempered personality, Rain Lau acquired the right of abode in the name of fake marriage. A pair of lovers of joy due to coexistence of a room and have a lot of trouble. Among them, because of a letter of love, they matched the people of Wu MeiMei (People also ask) and ...

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