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Linkeddb included Kenny Bee Ex-Boyfriend 2.

Kenny Bee Ex-Boyfriend

Linkeddb included Kenny Bee Ex-Boyfriend 2.

Niu Tien


Kelly Niu Tien, formerly known as Zhu Keli, native of Suzhou, January 23, 1958 Born in Taiwan, Hongkong actor, host. In 1977 starred in the movie "Eagle Shooting Heroes" Huang Rong official debut. In 1978 starring movie "Di Di Di" attention and by virtue of the film won the 15th Taiwan Golden Horse Film Best Actress and the 16th Panama International Film Festival Best Actress Award. In 1982 with the "Girls' School" again won the Taiwan film Golden Horse Award for Best Actress nomination. In 1989 by virtue of "I love spaceman" won the eighth Hongkong Film Awards for best actress nomination award. In 1991, Hong Kong wireless television production of fashion TV series "big family." In 1999 for starring TV series "young hero Fang Shiyu" and became popular inland. In 2003 starring drama "Ghost Story". 2013 TV series "Legend of Lu Zhen". 2014 shooting urban love drama "Happiness 36 meter." In 2015, starred in the city emotional drama "hairy maiden" and urban fashion drama "had to love." In 2016, starred in the youth historical legend drama "Simei" and the Chinese version of "late night canteen."

Puan Sri Chelsia Chan, also known as Chan Chau Ha is Hong Kong based actress and singer-songwriter. Chan joined the music industry after winning the first prize at an amateur creative singing contest in 1975 in Hong Kong with the English song "Dark Side of Your Mind", which she composed with lyrics provided by her then-manager Pato Leung. Later, this became one of her best remembered songs. In 1976, at the age of 19, she won the leading actress award at Taiwan's Golden Horse Film Festival for the movie "Qiu Xia" (Chelsia My Love) which incidentally is also her own birth name. She is so far the youngest winner with the shortest screen life (seven years) in the Festival's history. Chan used to sing along with the Hong Kong group, The Wynners.

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