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Kaige Chen Son Relational Map

Linkeddb included Kaige Chen Son 2.

Kaige Chen Son

Linkeddb included Kaige Chen Son 2.

Huaiai Chen


In 1948, he went to Hong Kong as deputy director of Yong Hua Film Company. In the same year, he went to the North China Liberated Area to participate in the Third Literature and Art Troupe of North China University, served as captain of the drama, and participated in the work of the director of the Red Flag Song that reflected the struggle for life. In 1949, he was transferred to the Deputy Director of the Central Film Bureau. In 1950, he participated in the filming of Ling Zifeng’s feature film “Shaanxi Pastoral”. In 1951, he was appointed as Beijing Film Academy..

Chen Yuang


Chen Yuang, Chen Kaige and Chen Hong's eldest son.

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