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Kaige Chen Husband

Linkeddb included Kaige Chen Husband 1.

Hong Chen


Chen Hong (actress), born December 13, 1968 in Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province, graduated from Shanghai Theater Academy Performance Department, mainland China actress and producer. In 1985, participating in the personal first movie "There is spring," played more than a formal debut. In 1989, participated in the drama "Dream of Red Mansions", plays the Zijuan. In 1991, participated in the TV series "Three Kingdoms", as Diao Chan. In 1993, participated in the drama "plum three get", as Wang Zixuan. In 1998, participated in the drama "Daming Gong Ci", plays the princess of peace. In 1996, Chen Hong (actress) and Chen Kaige director married in the United States. After the marriage Chen Hong (actress) gradually admitted from behind the stage, she served as the chief producer of films such as "Promise", "Mei Lanfang", "Orphan of Zhao", the TV series "Lv Bu and Diao Chan", " With you "and so on.

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