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Jingyan Wu Partner

Linkeddb included Jingyan Wu Partner 2.



Li Zhinan (Kelvin Lee), born in Shanghai on October 20, 1985, is a film and television actor and pop singer in Mainland China. She graduated from Shanghai Dancing School and Beijing Film Academy. In 2000, starred in the personal first movie "We are afraid", which officially entered the showbiz. In 2002, Shi Yanfeng played a role in the youth campus inspirational drama "The Eighteen Years of the Sky," and he was therefore drawn attention. In 2004, starring youth inspirational drama "starting paradise." In 2005, in the young love idol drama "rental girlfriend" as actor Tonk. In 2006, with Paul Janus launched the music album "a simple day." In 2009, starring metropolis love idol drama "happiness must be strong." In 2010, starring urban love idol drama "Happiness is the most sunny day." In 2012, he played Li Shao Feng in the emotional drama "Beacon of War". In 2015, he starred in the urban emotional drama "Top Wave Jackie Chan." In 2017, the city's emotional inspirational drama "Because I Met With You" premiered.

Anita Yuen Wing-yi is a Hong Kong film and television actress.

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