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Linkeddb included Vin Zhang Partner 5.

Mini Yang


Yang Mi (Chinese: 杨幂, born 12 September 1986) is a Chinese actress and singer. She made her acting debut in historical television series Tang Ming Huang, and later received recognition for her leading roles in various television series Chinese Paladin 3 (2009), Palace (2011), Swords of Legends (2014), The Interpreter (2016) and Eternal Love (2017); as well as films Mysterious Island (2011), Tiny Times (2013–2015), The Breakup Guru (2014) and The Witness (2015). In 2017, she won the Best Actress award at the WorldFest Houston International Festival for her performance in Reset (2017).

Xirui Li


Sierra Lee (Nikki), born in Beijing on January 30, 1989, actress and singer in Mainland China. In 2011 due to the introduction of personal first music EP "light and heat" and joined the showbiz. In the same year, participated in the urban idol drama "love woke up." 2013 starring youth drama "Micro Age", as the role of Vivian Wei. In 2014, he acted as Huang Rong in the emotional drama "Wife's Secret", an urban family drama broadcast by Hunan Satellite TV. In 2015, the Republic of China emotional drama "Vivid Scent," which aired in the play, plays Ning Peishan. In 2016 he participated in the drama "Translator." March 5, 2016, participating in the "Need for Jia Ding" TV series, played Xiaoqing Xuan. In 2017, starred in the workplace decompression drama "Beautiful Li Huizhen" aired, played in the play Chagall.

Mao Xiaotong (Chinese: 毛晓彤, born 16 February 1988), also known as Rachel Momo, is a Chinese actress. She is best known for her supporting roles in Empresses in the Palace (2012), Love O2O (2016) and The Princess Weiyoung (2016).



Sheng Yilun (simplified Chinese: 盛一伦; traditional Chinese: 盛一倫; pinyin: Shèng Yīlún, born September 23, 1992), also known as Peter Sheng, is a Chinese actor and model who is born in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. He made his acting debut in the Chinese short film, The Mirror Effect (2012). In 2015, he gained recognition for his role in the popular Chinese web series, Go Princess Go. In 2017, he starred in the romantic comedy drama Pretty Li Hui Zhen, fantasy drama A Life Time Love, as well as web series Oh My General.

Dilraba Dilmurat (Uyghur: دىلرەبا دىلمۇرات‎, ULY: Dilreba Dilmurat, preferred transliteration: Dilraba Dilmurat, born 3 June 1992), better known as Dilireba, is a Chinese actress of Uyghur ethnicity.

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