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Feng Lang Filmography(4)


A horse for three sheep (TV)[2016]

Feature: The story takes place in the era of reform and opening up in an all-round way. The young smug smugglers who are not involved in the hands of the "dead wage" have given up their hands in the bowl of iron rice bowl, test the sea, vowing to break their own piece of heaven. They have seized the opportunity, have also experienced the trap, maybe the last second was impatient for a while, but the next second may have failed; they have experienced too many ups and downs in life ups and downs. Gong DaWei represents the typical group of struggles of that time, confident but restless of fate; and Shen XiaoHong is a "female butcher" who dares to love and hate, knife and tofu, and she is willing to love her At the expense of all of them, young adolescent Ma ZhiJun was a passionate activist of that era, but he could always find a red touch of life in the darkness of fate. What Gao Bo radiates is the superiority of his brother in that particular era sense. In the era of turmoil and turmoil, the four young people with different personalities made different choices in treating different destinies and used their sweat to deduce their own happiness & nbsp ;.

HotGirls (TV)[2012]

Feature: Spicy female posters tomboy Tang XiaoMi is 90 children particularly mischievous mischief of a prominent member. She has a well-known deputy brigadier's mother, Mi Lan, and a well-to-do rich businessman, Tom Muyang, but she does not have a complete home - Mi Lan gave up her husband and daughter in that year, The father also made money to attend to the discipline of millet, so Tang XiaoMi became a character rebellious, messy problems around the girl. Tang XiaoMi's disregard became Mi Lan's heart disease, in order to let her daughter be able to be trained "rules" some, Mi Lan Tang XiaoMi into the barracks, press and hold. While millet is everywhere trouble children, rack their brains want to escape, has become a recruit spurs, a spicy fight between mother and daughter started. Tang XiaoMi incredible female soldier life is dumbfounding, but this period of life precious military experience, brought her not only joy, touching and growth. More importantly, she re-recognized his mother Mi Lan, Mi Lan also re-recognized and affirmed after the experience themselves. Millet also made it clear: growth is the process of injury, loss and understanding.

Im a special soldiers blade out of the sheath (TV)[2012]

Feature: In the late 1980s, Spike Brigade sniper He Weidong in order to save the observer Fan TianLei, the enemy television series sniper "Scorpion" spy, his son He ChenGuang determined to inherit his father. Fifteen years later, Fan TianLei is Jiao Guan special sniper Jiao Guan, who encouraged He ChenGuang, a national youth martial arts champion, Yan Yan Wang YanBing, a shoot-out social youth, and Li ErNiu, a simple but super-persevering rural boy. Recruits used a devil training scout training, the three assigned to a regiment assigned to a class, so that He ChenGuang, Wang YanBing and Li ErNiu bitter became a special forces in the special forces, and the pilot Song KaiFei, from the martial arts family Xu TianLong formed a "red cell" group. There are still many dangers waiting in the future, and more brutal growth needs to go through. They overcome all kinds of difficulties and eventually destroy various reactionary forces. They succeeded in getting rid of the scorpions and finally standing at the pinnacle of victory. Just because everyone and myself.

I am a special soldier (TV)[2011]

Feature: "I am a special forces", formerly known as "bullets loaded" is CCTV Spring Festival drama. Adapted from the internet novel "Last Bullet to Me." Uncover the mystery of the most elite troops, to create military legend belongs to youth. The dramatic panoramic performance of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Army elite troops - spike special brigade, cruel and tragic, Jagged sincere training and life of the long picture. If the motherland needs, they are a loaded bullet, always ready!

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