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Pu Zhou

Pu Zhou


  • Male
  • Taurus
  • 178
  • 1979-05-07
  • Beijing city
Pu Zhou, born in Beijing on May 7, 1979, a film and television actor in the Mainland of China, graduated from Beijing Opera Art Vocational College and performing arts department of Capital Normal University. In 1993, starred in the first film "Farewell My Concubine", which officially entered the showbiz. In 1996, starring in his first television series, "Prime Minister Liu Luopu," Pu Zhou stopped filming because of his academic and work relationship. In 2005, with the costume martial arts drama "tears sword", which officially come back. 2008, in the play "North Wind that blowing" played Huai Xi. In 2009, Li Lewei was played in the emotional drama "Shanghai Shanghai" of the Republic of China, and was recognized by the audience. In 2010, starring in the era of emotional drama "Snow that float." In 2011, starring family drama "daughter-in-law is how to make." In 2012, Zhuang Daoli was played in the emotional drama "Do not Call My Brothers". In 2014, I got more attention as the doorpost in the family emotional drama "Follow Me With Me". In 2015, and starring in the era drama "troubled beauty line." April 11, 2017, the city's emotional drama "I am lucky" starred in CCTV-8.

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