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Haixiang Wang

Haixiang Wang


  • Male
  • Leo
  • 178
  • 1982-08-19
  • Shandong China
Haixiang Wang, born August 19, 1982 in Shandong, China, is an actor in Mainland China and one of the members of "New Seven Little Fortunes." In 1996, Haixiang Wang starred for the first time by Dingru Jun directed drama "Qiong Qin Qiong", as a teenager Qin Qiong. In 2007 to participate in the selection of television activities, "successor to the dragon," 2008, Haixiang Wang successfully mentored Yu Chenglong, "New Seven Little Fortune" captain. In 2009 won the "Dragon's successor" Progress Award. In 2013, together with actors such as Huang Xiaoming and Ruby Lin starred in costume drama "Zhong Zhong Yue Fei" directed by Ju Jue Liang and Zou Jiju, and Yang Zai Xing, a descendant of Yang Jia-heng. In 2014, together with Jinqi Fan and Zhao Liying, they starred Hou Guo Xing in the comedy "Lucky Tian Bao". In 2015, he and Zhang Han, Chen Weiting, Yang Yang and other actors starred in Liang Shengquan, Huang Junwen directed costume magic drama "juvenile four famous catch", playing A Shigang in the hands of young children.

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