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Linkeddb included Chun Li Friends 2.

Chun Li Friends

Linkeddb included Chun Li Friends 2.

Yuxi Xin


Yuxi Xin, born August 1, 1991 in Qingdao, Shandong, China, is an actress from the Mainland who works in the General Political Repertory Theater and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts 2009 performance from the Department of Musical Theater of Beijing Dance Academy. In 2013 in the commercial war drama "past events in Qingdao" guest Xiao Han. Early 2015 due to youth inspirational drama "grow up" as an intern Huang Mao girl Zhang Huan attention. April 16, 2015, starring in the urban life comedy "I am a kid when the North drift," Jiangsu Satellite TV prime star broadcast, the play plays a stubborn self-domineering Shandong 嫚 Liu Min. August 7, 2015, starred in urban emotional women's inspirational drama "Hello Joan," plays the girl Sailor Xu Meow meow. In early May 2016, starring in the "Li Dabao's ordinary years", the play as "handsome awake" dancer. July 31, 2016, the premiere of urban emotional inspirational drama "Hello Joan". December, for the first time in the cinema movie "Dream Cat 2". January 19, 2017, was invited to participate in the 2017 Spring Festival Gala in Qingdao, the character image of Qingdao Kojima starred in sketch "Beauty · Fish." July 9, starred in gourmet food drama "Meng wife", the play as a sweetie Ye Jinrong. September 10, 2017, starred in the play "Ordinary Time" premiere.

Zhao Liying (Chinese: 赵丽颖, born on 16 October 1987), also known as Zanilia Zhao, is a Chinese actress. She is best known for her roles in television series Legend of Lu Zhen (2013), Boss & Me (2014), The Journey of Flower (2015), The Mystic Nine, Noble Aspirations (both in 2016) and Princess Agents (2017); as well as the film Duckweed (2017). She ranked 4th on Forbes China Celebrity 100 list in 2017.

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