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Xiaofei Wang Brother-in-law

Linkeddb included Xiaofei Wang Brother-in-law 1.


Financial stock operation

Mike (Mike), a graduate of the Department of Architecture and Design at Columbia University, is currently working in Financial Equity. His wife is a small S (Hsu Chih-ting). Mike was born and raised in Taitung and has an older brother and a sister and sister. His father is a doctor, practicing for more than 30 years, his mother Huang Xiuzhen is a lawyer, Mike finished primary school in Taiwan, with the sibling to the United States to study. On October 3, 2013, the Taipei prosecutors identified artists Mike, Xu Qingxiang and Gene International Chairman Xu Xunping as allegedly avoiding the loss of hundreds of millions of yuan and restricting their ban on exit before the decline in the earnings of the International Bulletin of Genes . On July 2, 2014, Mike appeared in court in Taipei for court hearings on suspicion of being a fat person.

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