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Chong Wang

Chong Wang

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  • Male
  • Taurus
  • 178
  • 1981-05-18
  • Anhui, China
Chong Wang, born on May 18, 1981 in Gansu Province, is an actor in Mainland China and graduated from 2001 at the Department of Performance of the School of Film and Television at Chongqing University. Early years have starred in "Yimeng six sisters", "a fuss", "Taihang mom", "Panlongwohu high mountain", "iron teeth Ji Xiaolan four", "alley" and so on. July 2014, with the movie "has nothing to do with you" won the ninth Asian International Youth Film Festival best actor; August, starring the Republic of China emotional drama "End of the World woman heart." In 2016 February, starred in horror movie "cat face old lady"; March, in the movie "husband college" plays a male first two; August, in drama "blood warrior" plays Oshima Tsukamoto; September , Starred in the super-network drama "Ghost Blows of the pastoral trickery"; December, starred in the TV series "Man vine green radish." February 2017, starred in super-network drama "shaking it! Abe "; March, in the central eight hit television series" You are my eyes "in the corner of" high happiness "is" Zhang Sijin "(Shen Teng ornaments) coworkers and brothers; April, in the TV series" Swimmer "Xu reporter; in May, appeared 70th Cannes International Film Festival.

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