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Fantôme, Oùes-tu (Movie)[2010]

Feature: Cool horse is disappearing from this world. He was hit by the big lock on the front of the locomotive. The culprit juvenile candy is kept in custody. After a fierce moment, waiting for sentencing juvenile loneliness and ghosts as lonely. Crazy candy candy screen has become the ultimate memory of the cool horse, this is his only connection with the physical world. Cool horse suddenly appeared in the candy house. He could not sleep in the dark eyes candy saw the cool horse, he never imagined he became the only person who can help cool horses. Kuma let the candy to see the mother was inundated by grief. When the candy rashly decided to help run the marathon, no one can stop him. The long race, Kuma along the way, Kuma finally see the candy is to help send a letter of life.

AFlowerintheRainyNight (Movie)[1985]

Feature: This is the story of a woman who died in love with her in Guilin in the early days of the war of resistance. From the perspective of Rong Ge, a young man from a wealthy family, we see a strong love and hatred in the adult world. Since Yu QingSao came, the white-bang maid, like a fly met the blood. Soon Yu QingSao said to Rong Ge that he wanted to go back to his in-laws, and Rong Ge clamored to take him there. Yu QingSao refused to coax him a long way and did not go well. She was a long time to go, he could not help but ask fat aunt, aunt said, Yu QingSao coax him, "she must go out to find a wild man!" Rong Ge do not believe, fat aunt said Yu QingSao quarrel with her mother-in-law And came out, and then again come to an abrupt end? Aunt taught him the next time she went, quietly behind her ass, to catch her once. On the next day, Yu QingSao went again. This time Rong Ge did not say anything. She was lying on the bed and secretly looked at how she put on her earrings, facing the eyebrows of a mirror-wiper, smearing hair oil and exuding a fragrance. When she left, she twisted Rong Ge's cheek. Rong Ge was indifferent. When she got down the stairs, Rong Ge jumped up and walked behind her into the back garden to find out that she was not originally speaking to the east To, but turn left. The left hand is a small street with seven turns and eight turns. As a small family, Rong Ge turns his heel in the past. Yu QingSao turns a few bends to a dead end and disappears when Rong Ge is overtaken. Rong Ge strolled to the third door and heard Yu QingSao's voice in front of the low house. Rong Ge sticks his ear to the door slit and hears Yu QingSao talking to a man. Means, "I come out to work, to help people do the mommy, but also for which one? As long as you understand my heart ... I am afraid of your body weak, too tired, as long as you remain the same, I am exhausted Willingly, survived this two years I saved the money, we went to the country, I guarding you for a lifetime, if you change your heart ... ... "Ge Ge Ge want to see what the man, patted the door hard, Yu QingSao open the door See Rong Ge was shocked. Yu QingSao rushed to Rong Ge introduction, that Qing Sheng is her cousin, and Qing Sheng Rong Ge Ge is served by her young master. Qing Sheng 20 years old, slender body, eyebrows, dough a little green. Back 佝, thin, 腼 腆. Room clean up clean, but only a bed and a table bed, nets were single white. Qing Sheng and Rong Ge took the chess and used to let Rong Ge eat his chess pieces until Rong Ge left for dinner and came back for him the next day. Yu QingSao called Rong Ge In any case, do not mention Qing Sheng to come, otherwise what thoughts think. Rong Ge mouth promised. Yu QingSao the wages, wool embroidered upper earned money on the cabinet full of small patent leather box, the end of the month, she opened the box, shaking out the money, the number again, and then wrapped in a small towel Where to get Qing Sheng go. Qing Sheng suffering from cold, sitting on his bed Yu QingSao disk, scraping his back for Qing Sheng, while scraping the pain does not hurt? Suddenly took a sweat towel for him to wipe. It seems Qing Sheng body pain, let her worried.Year 30, after lunch, Yu QingSao dressing up, a new look, Louhua Mingjing according to Yu QingSao forehead of the crow's feet, she can not help but sigh for the youth in vain, out of the slender hand, pick a clean white jade Orchid inserted in the temples, shallow Shi powder, lightly labeled Dai eyebrows, light lips, slightly makeup, seen in the Derby Yu QingSao is still the charm of nature, soft and sweet in the more melancholy Ding desolate. She drank some wine and her cheeks were flush Rong Ge put lucky money three ocean Yu QingSao office, with three other gambling with the house servants, a moment Rong Ge lose a lot of time, pending him to pick up the lucky money deposited in Yu QingSao, in an attempt to put the lost fishing back Yu QingSao disappeared into the bedroom, while Rong Ge looked around and found the wooden door of the garden opened, knowing that Yu QingSao was heading. Out of the garden, through the bamboo forest, ran into the dead alley that Qing Sheng lived in, poked a hole in the tissue paper window, wanted to see what Yu QingSao was doing inside, so she scared her and narrowed her eyes to the hole See, Rong Ge shocked. Only saw Yu QingSao and Qing Sheng in bed sex, Yu QingSao legs across Qing Sheng chest, the bed stood a brazier, reflecting the faint walls. Rong Ge runs back and goes to bed. On a sunny day, watching Rong Ge in the mountains Yu QingSao, flying a kite Qing Qing. Suddenly thick fog filled the top of the mountain from the top of the sea filled with misty one can not see anything, Qing Sheng, Rong Ge swallowed by the fog. Yu QingSao uneasy, fear, weakness chase run, fall, get up scream Qing Sheng, Rong Ge's name ... ... the first lunar month Rong Ge aunt moved the fetal gas, to Rong Ge's mother to accompany a few days, Rong Ge is crazy when she walks away. Old age had to go to the theater about the old age, the play code is Jin YanFei decorated Sun Yu Jiao's "". Because of the play, the old have seen relish, love watching martial arts Rong Ge looked impatient, slipped to the background to see the playboy. Those actors know the fame of Rong Ge's father and are quite enthusiastic about Rong Ge, who often plays white plays. They talked about Jin YanFei, in front of Jinshan silver sea, let her do a small wife quit, but happens to go with a young man fiery. They stitched to the auditorium from the stage to find that quite decent future generations have not come down the hand of the female genre, and found that person was actually Qing Sheng. After the show finished, Rong Ge hid behind the telephone pole and saw Qing Sheng intimately accompanying Jin YanFei to a small restaurant for supper. Rong Ge rushed back, took Yu QingSao's sleeve, ran out of breath unconsciously, to the shady area in front of the small restaurant, Yu QingSao asked what happened, Rong Ge did not say, told her to read You know While Qing Sheng came out of the restaurant next to Jin YanFei, Qing Sheng carried a waistcoat to her, and the two went hand in hand. They were warm and affectionate. Yu QingSao saw a flash of brains and a concentric heart. Squatting on the wall and feet, his face pain, muscle contraction, shivering, eyes stared, his hands holding his face, and finally burst into tears. Rong Ge and Yu QingSao went to Qing Sheng residence, a look of snow waiting for Qing Sheng back. For a moment, Qing Sheng came back. When he saw Yu QingSao sat there, he paused and did not say anything.Suddenly she leaped forward and hugged Qing Sheng and shouted: "Qing Sheng - you can not do that. You can not treat me like that. I only have you, and if you do, what do I mean - Qing Di - "Qing Sheng struggled, saying to Yu QingSao:" Jade, please do not be so good, if you really hurt me, you do not want to control me ... I was 20 years old, ... You put me, jade sister, I really can not give you anything, ah, I - I have followed someone else ... ... "Yu QingSao froze, no blood on his face. Do not cry, do not laugh, do not talk, look dull, bow to work. One night after a few days, Yu QingSao combed and asked Rong Ge: "Do you really like me or not?" Rong Ge said: "There is only one person in my house besides my mom." She stripped After a fried chestnut gave Rong Ge, she said to Xiao Rong: "I'm going out to Qing Sheng tonight for a little bit of something to come back late, and you should not listen to others and obediently go to bed." Ge Rong Ge, hurried away. Rong Ge slept very restless that night, woke up in the middle of the night and found that Yu QingSao had not come back yet. He hurriedly put on a little jacket and went out of the Garden Gate in the back garden. The bamboo groves were fantastic. Rong Ge walked to the entrance of Qing Sheng, Looking inward, I was shocked to see the horrible scene: I saw Qing Sheng being stabbed to bed, while Yu QingSao looked sadly in front of me with a white mosquito net flowing in the breeze. Yu QingSao swiftly stabbed himself with a dagger , Then fall on Qing Sheng body, a bleak, tragic.

Condor heroes (TV)[1984]


Condor heroes is an ancient martial arts drama produced by Taiwan central television in 1984. It is adapted from jin yong's martial arts novel of the same name. Directed by he dongxing and produced by Taiwanese producers, the play stars Fei Meng, Yin Tze Pan, hoi-yung Shin, Talking Angela and other actors, and premiered in June 1984.

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