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Qu Quan-li Filmography(3)


MayDay3DNA (Movie)[2011]

Feature: This is the first time Mayday put his own "Transformable DNA Unlimited Magnification" tour of the world onto the big screen, and the use of 3D technology. In this movie featuring the Mayday concert, three anecdotes are interspersed: Guangzhou, the father of a curry fish egg (Lin Xue Suet Lam) in Guangzhou, was totally unintelligible in the face of her baby daughter's crazy act of chasing stars , Thus intensifying the conflict between father and daughter. However, his father is always a daughter of love, and ultimately support her daughter's journey to Shanghai alone stargazing. Taipei, a deeply loved love taxi driver (Richie Jen Richie Ren ornaments), but because of the encounter of a mysterious female passenger, on the streets of Taipei started a strange journey. After a short journey, the distance between two strangers gradually narrowed down ... Shanghai, diligent courier (Wasir Chou ornaments) day to day hard work, shuttle in the streets of Shanghai. The daily income, he will come up with a large part of the deposit, that is, in order to round the wishes of my sister, to see a Mayday concert.

Clownfish (Movie)[2010]

Feature: Childhood trapped in life, Guo Kuo can only be laughed at by others, when the boss's outlet bag. He is not noble, but not gorgeous, but a cheap "", destined to play only insignificant "clown." In a dreamlike aquarium, he encounters the snow mellow like a mermaid princess, from this beautiful but with an unknown sad shadows occupy in his mind unforgettable. By chance, he witnessed the wonderful performance of "Clown Mimetis", the Wheel of Fortune gave him the courage to break through life, gave him the opportunity to grow up, ridiculed and lost his confidence. Whether he could embrace life and love, Re-create their own bright stage? Wu Guoyu declining face gradually replaced by a smile, let him courage, with the troupe in the street and stage performances, and with a smile to resolve the audience laughter sparse or deliberately provocative embarrassing moment. "You laugh, the world laughs at you." Wu Guo began to enjoy the fruits of hard work, as he had intended, to become a winning clown. Audience laughter and applause inspired Wu Guoyu a more positive attitude to the face of the world, to inspire him to love a strange country to boldly explore the pace of adventure, he perseverance to invite snow soft to enjoy the troupe's performance, The figure appears in the auditorium, giving him great hope, but Xue Rou seems cherished difficulties, and always avoid the crowd ...

IDo? (TV)[2009]

Feature: Bridal designer Xia YiXin (Annie Liu) prayers every day for a strange encounter with a strange man Li HaoZhe (Lan Cheng-lung), just pray each other for good days. Her inner knowing that it is called love, even if the photographer Tan YaoZong (Chen Yufan ornaments) care for her, her heart is all cast at work, but she could not expect the wedding will her again with Li HaoZhe again. Li HaoZhe dropped his fiancée Jian MeiLi (Lin Michelle) at the wedding and took Xia YiXin as bridesmaid. Later, Li HaoZhe and Xia YiXin went to marry him. Fu MingZhu (Yang Kuei-mei ornaments) and stepmother Ren LingLing (Maggie Shiu ornaments), the mother-in-law of Li HaoZhe, have done nothing to this proud son. When romance, passion, happiness, plus Li HaoZhe Jian MeiLi continue to be tempted, this only lasts 100 days of marriage ended.

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