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Shaozeng Guan

Shaozeng Guan


  • Male
  • 178
  • 01-01
  • Beijing, China
Guan Shaozeng, born in Dongcheng District, Beijing, Mainland China actor, son of Beijing Zedun Guan Zi, daughter of film and television actor Guan Xiaotong. In the sixth grade when the test over the People's Liberation Army Academy of Arts, was admitted to the dance department, but the family will not let go. On the second day, was admitted to the whole group of workers' dance troupes. The third day, admitted to the PLA Art Institute. In 1978, he entered the air force drama troupe of the Beijing Military Region. In 1985, he moved to Beijing Children's Art Theater. Played "laid-off, do not get on the ground," and a series of plays. Practitioners have participated in many of the film and television works. In 2008, "Allure Love" decorated Mr. Xu. In 2015, starred in TV drama "Wife's Lie" as Jiang Tianhao.

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