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Linkeddb included Xinran Tao Partner 2.

Xinran Tao Partner

Linkeddb included Xinran Tao Partner 2.

Yihan Liu


Yihan Liu, born on January 2, 1987 in Changchun, Jilin, is an actress from mainland China and graduated from Beijing Film Academy. 2004 debut in "divorce is carried out," thus debut. In 2006, to participate in Qiong Yao TV actress selection activities "looking for Purple Link", enter the top five. In 2007, Yihan Liu starred in the modern love drama "Allure Love", as Bai Baoluo. In 2010, he participated in the modern legendary TV series "Honghuaihua" directed by Lei Xianhe and plays the role of flower. In 2012, Yihan Liu starred in urban fashion emotional inspirational drama "a carat dream", as Xie Jinghua. year 2013. Yihan Liu starring urban love comedy "mother and child of only child". The same year in the TV series "Sirius" Wu played in the cold sun. In 2014, Yihan Liu played Sun Miaoxue in Wang Jun's comedy "My Son is a Wonderful Flower." In the same year in the inspirational legendary drama "Dartgate" as Dai Rong, directed by Zhang Qian war drama "Thousand Miles Thunder Miles Flash" plays Qin Xianhong. In June 2015, starring urban emotional drama "Two Flowers" was launched.

Li Sun


Sun Li, (Chinese: 孙俪, born 26 September 1982), also known as Susan Sun, is a Chinese actress. She is hailed by critics and netizens as China's "Queen of Television".

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