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Kathryn Prescott Filmography(4)


A Dog's Journey (Movie)[2019]


小狗贝利延续使命,在主人伊森的嘱托下,通过不断的生命轮回, 执着守护伊森的孙女CJ,将伊森对孙女的爱与陪伴,当做最重要的 使命和意义,最终帮助CJ收获幸福,再次回到主人伊森身边。


24: Legacy (TV)[2016]

Feature: Decommissioning Rangers Eric Carter (Corey Hawkins) Ben and his wife lived a quiet life, but suddenly the message on the phone broke all the serenity, except for Ge LiMuSi who was killed, and Carter knows it's a terrorist retaliation , Out of a sense of responsibility, Carter had to contact former boss Rebecca Ingram (Miranda Otto) to start the terrorist trail. In tracking down the terrorists, Eric Carter and Rebecca Ingram found that terrorists were looking for a USB flash drive, a list of terrorists hidden in the United States. To prevent terrorists from carrying out terrorist attacks in the United States, they had to find U disk and destroyed. Although the USB flash drive was destroyed later, what was worse was that Ibrahim bin Khalid, the terrorist leader who had died dying six years ago, did not die. He also kidnapped Ingram, who killed Ibrahim during rescue operation Shin Ben Khalid, but Li Ingram to save Carter bomb bleeding too fatal.

The Hive (Movie)[2015]

Feature: A young man has amnesia, so before the virus has fully spread he has to dig deep inside to explore who he is and save the people he loves in his life. Adam jolts awake inside a boarded up infirmary with no recollection of who he is or how he ended up here. With threatening sounds penetrating from the outside, Adam has no choice but to reach deep into his memories to try and piece together what has happened to him. With the help of mementos he finds, Adam starts to ...

Finding Carter (TV)[2014]

Feature: This anti-traditional family drama depicts a seemingly perfect life with a girl, Kathryn Prescott and playful single mother Lori, but one day police break into a high school campus party, claiming to Carter that Lori was " Abducted her during infancy Lori disappears and Carter must return to his biological parents - they also think she will never see her in this life. Carter tries to adapt to this new family and try to be good with his biological parents and twin sisters. At the same time, she also adapt to the new campus environment and new boys, new love objects. Carter secretly vowed to find her before the police caught Lori, asking her everything ... Cynthia Watros plays Carter's biological mother, Elizabeth. Kathryn Prescott plays the part of the protagonist Carter Stevens, a confident, wayward, playful teenager. She likes to party and likes to be a social flower. She has a very close relationship with her mother, Lori, just like a pair of sisters. Once, Carter and his friends met at a party and were taken to a police station for investigation. The police told her an incredible thing: Lori was not her own mother but a wanted criminal who abducted the baby. Lori abducted her when Carter was three and used her as her own daughter. Carter was forced to return to her biological parents' home and she found she had a twin sister and a younger brother. Anna Jacoby-Heron plays Carter's twin sister Taylor. Carter and Taylor often feel "psychic," so soon they have a common language. They get along well in the beginning. Because of her loss of Carter, parents love and protect Taylor, they demanded that she must be a good girl. Zac Pullam will play Carter's brother, Grant, until Carter was kidnapped. He always considers himself a "substitute" for his sister and has a stiff relationship with his parents and likes to be alone. He and Carter soon established sisterhood. Nolan Sotillo played Taylor's friend Gabe, inheriting his father's mantle as a police officer. Gabe has known Taylor since the sophomore and has always been in love with her. But after the wild Carter appeared, Gabe began to turn her attention to Carter. Alexis Denisof plays Carter's biological father, David Wilson, the coolest and most sober-minded person in his family, often serving as a member of other family members. He is a novelist, he wrote a very popular crime novel "Losing Lyndon", in fact, he describes his missing daughter for many years.Although her daughter was back, she insisted on not changing her name, and Wilson was sad. He considers writing a sequel to "Losing Lyndon," whose title is "Finding Carter." In this book, he describes the process of the broken-down reconstruction of the broken home a little bit, which could become the only "magic weapon" for him to solve the economic problems of his family and save the marriages on the verge of collapse.

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