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Beautiful decibel (TV)[2006]

Feature: Li HuiEn inherited the mother's singing talent, love singing, dreams become singers. Small families grow up in the middle and lower, parents are workers, I hope she lived a simple life. Huin childhood aspire to brilliant singer, one day hope to step onto the stage, sing her heart ideal. Inspired by her boyfriend Zheng YuTai, she resolutely gave up her stable life and competed on the road to starlight. However, she had to fulfill her dream under the financial pressure of the family and her father's opposition. Ling XueQiao entrepreneur Ling Xingyun daughter, her own excellent qualifications, but rely on the wealth at home, childhood victories, in the eyes of no one. Teacher Cheng Nguyen Wen Yan teacher, in fact, is Rong ShengNan's sister, sweet singing intoxicating. When she knew she was a male participant, she was instigated by Song TianSun, a childhood friend and friend of her childhood friend, who was determined to compete with her for the true successor to Rong's couple. position. Rong ShengNan is a singer-songwriter who was born in a singer-songwriter family. He is a stubborn character who inherited the singing talent of his parents. He was the champion of the singing contest since he was young. After singing a song at the age of 16, he lost his home. The contest is to compensate for his own mistakes, and in order to be fair and generous back to her parents, she promised himself, do not take the championship vowing to rest. The three were good friends during the race, they also got acquainted with the love of rock and roll and Zhong Ai, Lu Yao with excellent dance potential, Tang Fei with straightforward dance and Yang Qi with the youngest competitor In the process of chasing their dreams, they support each other. Cheng Lang is the "super girl" master plan, known as the "genius" in the circle, the character resolute and decisive, upright, extremely tough on the participants. Because in the past has neglected to discipline a powerful singer, resulting in this person broken off the stars, so the encounter with the same great potential Li HuiEn, super-urged very rigorous, aroused resentment. Cheng Lang to see the generous potential of grace, but Hui Eun mother's old-fashioned singing and her boyfriend Zheng YuTai jazz style is too deep influence, not to let her give up the past study, out of their own style, so grace and Cheng Lang and more Fan conflict. In fact, there are a lot of problems with other people. The winning man, who has been exhausted for living for two years, is in a very unstable state. On the surface, Xue Qiao is arrogant and arrogant. Their shortcomings and deficiencies, under the guidance of Cheng Lang, gradually corrected. On the way to dream, nor calm. When she was overwhelmed, Yutai and her dear friend Zhong Qing, feeling ill and hurt, fell to the bottom with Joyce, who was caught up by Huynne and triggered Song TianSun's framing of Huin. The state gradually reply, began to ignore the people around, ignoring the pain of others ... ... Finally, at the critical moment of the competition decision, the choice of life, continue to emerge in front of girls, they were forced to face everything, In fact, life growth can not escape the issue. Although not every one can win in the competition, but they all use their own will to choose their own way, choose the way out of the problem, learned to pay the price in exchange for growth. "Super Girl" this splendid stage, put on the joys and sorrows of these girls, the so-called chase behind the dream, in fact, is the full growth of life.

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