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Linkeddb included Lina Partner 3.

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Linkeddb included Lina Partner 3.

Ma Liwen


Ma Liwen (born 1971) is a female Chinese film director. She has directed a handful of films during the 2000s, including 2005's You and Me, and two films in 2008, Lost and Found and Desires of the Heart.

Kenji Wu


Kenji Wu (traditional Chinese: 吳克群; simplified Chinese: 吴克群; pinyin: Wú Kèqún; born 18 October 1979) is a Taiwanese singer-songwriter and actor.

Johnny Zhang, born March 22, 1985 in Gulou District, Nanjing, Mainland China, actor and singer, graduated from Shanghai Theater Academy majoring in music. In August 2005, Johnny Zhang, who was still in sophomore at the Shanghai Theater Academy, debuted in the urban emotional inspirational "Five Star Hotel" by Hai Yan. December 25, 2008, with "five-star hotel" won the "most promising annual TV actor." In April 2009, Johnny Zhang released his first EP "Peter Pan" and by virtue of the album in 2010 won the fourteenth Global Chinese Language list Best New Artist Award. In 2011, starring Taiwan youth idol "Sunshine Angel" and played Geng Fei. In 2012, he played the male No. 1 and plays Ma Ying-jie in his youth idol drama The Summer of Morning Glory. In 2013, starring in food fashion TV series "Happy Noodle", plays Chef Zhang Che-hung belly; starring in the drama "Dragon Flying A", as Hu Zhongyu. In 2014, she performed as a singer in the youth idol drama "A North Story." In the romantic comedy movie "The Disintegration Expert," she plays "Cheap Man" Tai. In 2015, the starring drama "Have To Love" plays Li Muchen; starring in the Guerong martial arts giant system "new border prodigal son", plays Lu Xiaojia. In 2016, starring in the TV series "Qi Xing Ji Xi Lie Ma Ma," plays the money; starring in the suspense movie "can only live one", plays Su Cheng. Starring TV series "choose diary," played Akiyama Jun; starring in the TV series "Mang Huangji", as winter seven. In 2017, Lin Zi was played in the youth inspirational drama Spray Blossoms.

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