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Zhengliang Wang Filmography(2)


HuoGuo (Movie)[2011]

Feature: Chengdu image of the city map "hot pot": Bar singer Tan Weiwei, and first love boyfriend Xiaoliang, similar to marriage 48 hours ago. The bride is not her ... lonely people shameful it?

ChinaIdolBoys (Movie)[2009]

Feature: Zhong ZiJie, a college graduate with a group of classmates who carry their dreams as their own, started the company. Because they are young and have no source of income, they can only rent the company's basement. Here not only the harsh environment, more love of music Xiao Liang, Chen Qian neighbors dislike each other noisy and eventually quarrel. The boys are not discouraged, working hard under the leadership of their children. Six months after the establishment of the company, the minutes were not recorded. In the sub-Jie Juguangbuqian, his girlfriend Chen Xi also broke up with him. When he broke up with Chen Xi, he occasionally heard that companies are inviting song and dance competitions in order to sell their products. Zijie thought that the opportunity came and he volunteered for the presence of a diamond company owner and received an order. However, Chen Xi was negatively exited. Just as the boys celebrated for the chance, the check was taken away by the landlord to pay rent. Eventually, no money for the song and dance group of boys decided to pull a few friends to participate in the competition. Porter Michael, rocker Wai Gui basketball player A Guai and designer Qin Yong joined the team, singing and dancing, and everyone shook his head. Chen Xi is a professional dancer who can not play under the cover of his brother Chen Nuo. Xiao Lie said that Zi Jie was in danger, pulling away Chen Xi who was also preparing for the match, and even more aroused dissatisfaction with Chen Nuo, who originally opposed the sisterhood. To learn that Zi Jie was not at risk, Chen Xi was angry and suddenly saw the boys jump in hula. Zi Jie told Chen Xi that she had not forgotten her promise and would definitely take her to Hawaii. Chen Xi touched, decided to help children. Chen Xi brought two companions to help boys practice dancing, boys worked diligently, and Chen Qian and Xiao Liang helped arrange the arrangement. The contradictions between Chen Qian and Xiao Liang were also resolved. The boys danced and performed in a big way Under the ugly fight with people in the bar, what bitter eat finally wait until the game.

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