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Hsiao Ling

Hsiao Ling


  • Famale
  • 1976
  • People's Republic of China Taju Xianju County
Hsiao Ling (Campsis grandiflora Schum.), Alias ​​Aster, Ipomoea aquatica, red flowering lotus, fuchsia, on the tree dragon, on the tree centipede, white dog intestines, hanging wall flowers, abortion flowers, Rattan Deciduous vine climbing stems, stems of wood, cuticle off, dry brown, cling to the aerial roots cling to it. Leaves opposite, for the odd number pinnate leaves evacuation of the short panicle. Calyx campanulate, corolla bright red inside, outside orange. Stamens inserted at base of corolla tube, filament linear, slender. Anthers yellow, a glyph with students. Style linear, stigma flat. Capsule tip obtuse. Flowering from May to August.

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