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终结者:黑暗命运 (Movie)[2019]




Aegean agents fourth season (TV)[2016]

Feature: Ghost Rider Gabriel Luna encounters Daisy Johnson (Chloe Bennet) who has escaped from the SHIELD who studied "ghosts" in a science facility. In the meantime, SHIELD is also investigating the matter, discovering the mysterious Dark God Book, a book that is hard to digest for humans. Later, in an accident, Phil Colson (Clark Gregg), Robbie Reyes and Iain De Caestecker disappeared. Agent Mei Lin Da Mei (Ming-Na Wen) turned to Dr. Houghton Radcliffe Hannah (actor) ornaments) for help, they successfully rescued the three trapped. SHIELD Agent Fourth Season Photo Dr. Radcliffe secretly created a robot named Ida (Mallory Jansen ornaments), she has the ability to read the Dark God book without being hurt, but when reading Dark God book , Ada combines his core command with the knowledge of Dark God's book. After that, Ida single-handedly replaced all those who opposed her with the LMD and uploaded their ideas to a digital world, the Framework. However, Daisy Johnson and Jane Ma Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge ornaments) have not been replaced at this time, they decided to sneak into Ida's framework and rescue the SHIELD agents trapped in the framework.

WickedCity (TV)[2015]

Feature: A collection of distinctive and real crimes, explores all noteworthy areas in Los Angeles such as sex, politics and pop culture. Gabriel Luna: In the first part of "LA Crime: The Sunset Strip," Los Angeles police Jack Roth and Paco Contreras will be investigating Bonnie & Clyde's serial homicide and going into the 80-year-old Sunset Boulevard in the first part, feeling rock and cocaine feast. Many young women come to Hollywood with a star dream and the complex Sunset Boulevard is undoubtedly the best place to make their dreams come true. But when they come to this city of Angels, they must meet demons. When the show began, a pervert serial killer hunted young women longing for fame in the City of Angels. Detective Jack Roth and Paco Contreras were being ordered to track down his whereabouts. The killer's real name is Kent Grainger (Ed Westwick), a man whose soul is severely damaged. He longs to get people's attention, so he uses bloody murder to maintain his reputation. Jack and Paco accidentally met young female journalist Karen McClaren (Taissa Farmiga) and their research was a breakthrough. Karen may have seen Kent at a club and may even identify him - but she will be his next murder target. In the meantime, Kent became addicted to the young woman Betty Beaumontaine (Erika Christensen), who in his eyes would have been "Bonnie" if he was "Clyde." As a single mother and nurse for two children, Betty has her own dark secret - she has a serious tendency toward sadism. The play's story comes from "the real crime in Los Angeles history."

Matador (TV)[2014]

Feature: The play was created by gold screenplay partners Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, and Robert Rodriguez, the founder of El Rey Television, was the first to direct the show. The show will be launched at the end of March shooting, broadcast during the World Cup. This is a description of the football star secretly act as a CIA spy action drama. It is said to be a real story, but the protagonist is a baseball player in real life (El Rey, mainly Hispanic-speaking Latino audiences, who prefer football). The protagonist Antonio "Matador" Bravo (Gabriel Luna) on the surface is a popular football star, in fact, he has another identity: he is an unknown CIA top secret agents, is carrying out a deep undercover mission. Because of his prestigious sportsmanship, which gives him access to real power in corrupt and evil spheres, he is also in great danger. Sexy provocative swimsuit model Nicky Whelan will act as actress Annie. Neil Hopkins plays Annie's partner Noah, who is smart but somewhat socially awkward. Alfred Molina plays the role of Andres Galan, owner of the American football team LA Riot, both in the United States and Galan as a leader in the American football industry. He also plays a decisive role in business and politics status. He is a member of a global secret elite organization. The wealthy and influential leaders manipulate the political and economic situation in the world and shape the development of human history. Their influence on the world goes beyond the imagination of all people. Galan did not know that there was already an insider in the organization - Antonio Bravo, the main force playing for the Los Angeles Fury, was in fact an undercover agent sent by the CIA to destroy him and his organization. However, as Antonio and Galan became more and more close to each other, their destinies turned a lot of unexpected variables, and their fate, in turn, would determine the fate of the world. In real life there is no "Los Angeles violent team", only "Los Angeles Galaxy." Jonny Cruz plays Antonio's younger brother Ricky Bravo and is currently serving his sentence in prison. Yvette Monreal Senna Galan, the only daughter of Adres Galan, looks cute but always gets in trouble.

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