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  • Famale
  • 166
  • 1958-07
  • Beijing city
Di Xu, born in July 1958 in Beijing, China. Beijing opera troupe actor, a national actor. In 1978, Di Xu graduated from Beijing Opera School. Di Xu's debut works are "Yang Naizu and Chinese cabbage." In 1987, Qiao Jun was played in the TV series "The Camera Came to the Grand Courtyard." In 1988, she won the Outstanding Performance Award in the Beijing Young Opera Actor Awards Competition. In 1994 CCTV version of the drama "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" as Mrs. Gan. In 1995, Zhang Ping was played in the TV series "Starting Parking." In 1997 won the fourteenth Chinese drama "Plum Blossom Award", is the first drama in Beijing opera won the prize for the drama actress. In 2004, Di Xu made a Beijing melodrama solo album. In August 2011, Chen Xiaoyi starred in the emotional ethics drama "My Father and Mother," Cui Huaiangniang. In November of the same year, she starred in a novel entitled "Under-happy" after her 80-year marriage based on the novel of the same name. Teacher Joe; then partner Li Jian, filming the family emotional drama "mother and child of only child", plays in the play Shu a Lok's mother Wang Xizhen; Later, and Zhang Guoli partner Lv Xiaopin directed family ethics bitter drama "look at these two Family "decorated Liu Guifang. In 2014, he cooperated with Li Xiaolan and played Wang Huijuan in the TV series "The Great Man"; the same year, she collaborated with Sha Yi and Masu and played Zhao Wenping in the pre-marriage rule of the TV play. In 2015, he cooperated with Andy Lau and Jing Bo Ran to play Zeng Shuai's mother in the film "Lost Children".

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