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Qing Jia

Qing Jia


  • Famale
  • Scorpio
  • 170
  • 1986-11-02
  • Xi'an, China
Qing Jia, born November 2, 1986 in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, China Mainland film actress and singer, graduated from Xie Jin Film and Television Art Institute of Shanghai Normal University. In 2005, debut as a result of his election to Shanghai Oriental TV's "My Style, My Show" singing program. In 2008, she appeared in the fairy drama "The Eight Immortals Biography" and she was attracted attention. In 2009, starring in the red idol drama "youth in war" and Republic of China love drama "passionate woman infatuation male." In 2010, with the costume drama "Liao three" won the Shanghai Oriental Film Channel annual ratings ceremony of the most popular actress award. In 2011, the first electric shock screen in the movie "Banquet" starred in the chivalrous woman Luosha. In 2013, due to Jin Yong martial arts drama "Tian Long Ba Bu" and became popular. In 2015, Qing Jia participated in the costume drama "Wu Shen Zhao Zilong" play Gong Sun Moon. In the same year participated in the drama "Nujiang war." In March, starring spy drama "robbery robbery", costume magic drama "juvenile four famous catch", the family emotional drama "wife's lie" one after another landed Hunan Satellite TV night file and the prime file broadcast. In February 2016, the sister's book The Lies of Wife, starring Qing Jia, starred in Qing Jia, was broadcast on the prime television of Zhejiang Satellite TV.

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