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Linkeddb included Roy Chiu Partner 3.

Lu Hai


Lu Hai, born in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China, is an actress from the Shanghai Theater Academy. In 2006, Lu Hai starred in the personal screen debut "Modern Beauty", which officially entered the showbiz. In 2008, starred in spy drama "rival." June 2009, in the historical drama "Guanzhong gunfire" as autumn fragrance. In 2010, starred in the family emotional drama "family portrait." In 2011, in the Qing Dynasty court drama "New My Fair Princess" decorated summer crape myrtle, she was the play won the Youku Festival annual cutting-edge idol award. In 2013, starred in youth inspirational drama "Water Boy"; September, in the urban love drama "Because of the beauty of love," played a key role. In 2014, starring in the drama "Elm Autumn"; October, in the costume fairy tale "Swordsman" played Silver Dai. In 2015, starred in the romantic comedy movie "A Test Love Adventure"; in November, he played the urban female Zhang Xiaojun in the family drama "Home and Everything". In 2016, starring martial arts legend drama "Guobu Warriors Huang Feihong"; February, in the idol drama "because of love" as Jiang Kexin. In January 2017, Lu Hai won the second "River of the South entertainment style character award." In March, starring costume power play "Queen of the Tokgo."

Patrick Lee, born November 7, 1979 in Xinyi District, Taipei, Taiwan, is an actor in Taiwan, China and graduated from the Catholic Department of Fu Jen Catholic University Department of Apparel and Fashion. In 2002, starred in the first drama "spicy college students" to enter the showbiz. In 2006, starred in Taiwanese inspirational idol drama "The Treasure Island Girls Success Story." In 2007, starred in the first movie "woman incense." In 2008, guest Taiwan idol drama "Destined I love you", plays Xinyi ex-boyfriend Gucci. In 2010, starred in Taiwanese idol drama "sharp wife", played in the play Hao Kant. In 2012, starring movie "sharp wife eventually back: happy man is not difficult." In 2014, starred in three legislature, Eastern eight o'clockChinese drama "woman 30 love water dance room. In 2015, starred in the Sunday drama "Constellation Love - Aries."

James Wen


James Wen is a Taiwanese actor, model and former reporter. He is known for his supporting performance in Taiwanese drama My Queen, for which he received one of his four Golden Bell Awards nominations. According to Yahoo!

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