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Tiantian Fan

Tiantian Fan


  • Famale
  • Cancer
  • 7-15
  • Shanghai
Tiantian Fan, Michelle Media signing artist. Born in Shanghai, Mainland China actress, host. In 2000, participated in the "Shaolin Soccer" big recruitment, signed in 2002 to become stars company's entertainer, starring Stephen Chow's movie "Kung Fu", in 2005 was frozen. In 2012, attending the "top chef" finished sixth in the first quarter. To participate in "I am a crazy comedy" Guo Degang mentor team. In 2014 to participate in "wonderful work", because of its sharp and straightforward performance became popular. January 15, 2016, with the wonderful work of the old to participate in the "wonderful work that the third season" pilot "wonderful work is coming." March 4, participate in the recording of "Wonderland said the third quarter" in Ai Qiyi broadcast.

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