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Shuiqing Lai

Shuiqing Lai

Director, actor, producer

  • Male
  • 1954-03
  • Hong Kong
Shui-Qing Lai, born in March 1954 in Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China Male director, actor, producer. In 1986, Shui-Qing Lai first director of the drama "Still King Pearl"; 1988 for the second time as a director, directed drama "Furong", and plays the corner of Gui Li Gui; in 1991 for the first time with the producer Yang Peipei cooperation, as costume The director of the drama "Sea of ​​Love"; director of the martial arts martial arts TV series "Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber", starring Ma Jingtao, Ye Tong and Zhou Hai Mei in 1993, Taiwan's second edition of "Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber"; 1997 "New Dragon Gate Inn" Taiwan Golden Bell Award for best director award. In 2002 and Yang Tao co-directed by Alec Su, Alyssa Chia, Gao Yuanyuan starring martial arts drama "Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber." In 2004 as "Qin Wang Li Shimin" director. 2011 martial arts directed martial arts "Tianya Mingyue knife." In 2013, he collaborated with Ma Yucheng and Deng Yancheng to lead the martial arts drama "Tian Long Ba Bu" and played Wang Jian Tong in the play. In 2014, he directed the drama "Deer Ding" and acted as Oboi in the play. In 2016, she co-directed the costume idol drama "Heavy Earprinting".

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