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Chenguang Zhang


  • Male
  • Libras
  • 178
  • 1959-10-03
  • Taiwan, China
Chenguang Zhang, born on October 3, 1956 in Okayama, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, is an actor and variety show host in Taiwan. Starring 1988 drama "priceless". In 1992, starring Chinese drama series "Four Little Beijing" won the TV Golden Bell Award, Best Actor TV Award. 1993 partner Yue Ling, Tu Shanni starring drama "Rose Pride", as Fu Shengya. In 2004 with the "middle of the day" won the Golden Bell Award for theatrical award. In 2005 starring TV series "The Queen of Qing Dynasty" plays the light Emperor. Starring in 2006 starring drama "struggle", as Xu Zhisen. 2007 partner Xiao Qiang, Gao Xin starring TV series "Ming Palace mystery case", played Ming Shenzong. In 2011 and Vic Chou, Wang Xue 圻 starring drama "the other side of 1945", played by the colonel. In 2012 starred in urban fashion emotional inspirational drama "a carat dream." In 2013, he plays Song Ningyuan in the drama Xian Xian Jian. In 2014 starring in the TV series "Freaky Mom" ​​is played in Luo days, "big house" plays Cheng Yifei. In 2015 in the military drama "snowy eagle" as Rong Yue jump. War drama "Mountain Eagle" as Wang Boxiong. 2016 In the TV series "Long live the wife" as Chu Jie. "Full Snowy Flower" plays Xiapeng Fei. 2017 in the police bandits masterpiece "undercover return" plays Jin Fei. In "Ode to Joy 2," played by Bao Yi Fan father package total "True Love's Icebreaker" as Cai Bingkun. Modern legendary drama "That year blooming moon is full" as Wu Wei Wen. In 2018 February, starred in 2018 CCTV Spring Festival Evening Pieces "home."

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