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Linkeddb included Yihong Duan Classmate 1.

Yihong Duan Classmate

Linkeddb included Yihong Duan Classmate 1.

Tu Songyan, born in Beijing on October 6, 1976, actor. Graduated from the Central Academy of Drama, 94 performance undergraduate. In 2006 the drama "double-sided tape" as the role of Li Yaping, 2008 TV series "house slave" as Xie Qianli, December 27, 2011 by virtue of "Twins" Xu Jiahui won the BQ2011 red list, 2012 TV series "divorce agreement" As Gao Zhiping, in 2014 "post-marriage era" plays Liu Zhanpeng. April 16, 2015, starring in the urban life comedy "I am a kid off when North drift" landed on the Jiangsu Satellite TV prime stalls broadcast.

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